08 July 2013


An abuser is a cad. He is a user and an abuser. And, worse, he won't even own up to what he has done and blames us for it instead! It is not uncommon for abusive people to be regarded by others as nice, good people. That is why so many people don't believe or understand when abused partners report it.
The abuser is always charming and wonderful. After an abusive incident, they are remorseful, and promise to change and pay so much attention to their friends. And then it starts all over again. This is called the circle of violence.
People like this don't change. We must understand and accept that. Any amount of care, sympathy, understanding or love will not change them.


Blogger Corry said...

We can't change them, but God can. He works in mysterious ways. We definitely can pray for them!

God's Grace.

09 July, 2013 19:23  
Blogger Renie Burghardt said...

I don't know an abuser, myself, and I wouldn't want to know one. Maybe praying for the abuser would help. I was surprised you are still posting on your blog, dear Audrey. Haven't been on blogger in ages. Sorry you have had this incident with the abuser. Forgive him/her, pray for him and don't allow them to do it to you again.

Take care and have a good week! xoxoxoxo

10 July, 2013 04:20  

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