10 July 2016

Our Words and Actions

Attended a wedding yesterday.
Met some people after about three decades.

"Where is the speaker from?" 
Someone else asked the groom's father.
"My brother-in-law was formerly a teacher." 
Then he gave me a very awkward look.
Because the speaker is in the same non-profitable organisation as I was three decades ago. I was asked by the groom's mother why I could not get a better job after graduation then. Her only brother is working in exactly the same organisation now as I was decades ago.

"We last met you when I brought my then-girlfriend to your new home."
Then he gave me a very uncomfortable look.
Because his wife did not sit on my dining stool then and she did not attend the wedding service yesterday.
They left after spending less five minutes in my humble abode about three decades ago.
Even the President of USA sat on a plastic stool in Vietnam recently.

I kept completely silent and quiet in both instances yesterday.
The atmosphere was uncomfortable and awkward.
Most probably, my silence spoke much louder than any words.

We must be very careful with our words and actions.
They can come back to haunt us many years later. 

Sometimes, life consists of funny twists and turns.
Cheers! :) 


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