06 October 2016


“I’ve never really been tempted to walk away from my faith. And it isn’t because I don’t have doubts from time to time or feel deep feelings of disappointment occasionally. Many folks walk away for intellectual reasons. Some walk away because church folks act shitty. Others just don’t really find much life in it.

My mystical tendencies are such the first and third reasons don’t have much pull. If I were ever to walk away, it would be for the second reason: the disappointment that is the church.

In the end, it is the anarchist in me that holds my faith. Whenever someone tries to assert some crappy version of Christianity or I hear about a prominent minister royally screwing up or when I see folks evangelize in simplistic and contrived ways, the anarchist in me raises a righteous fist and says, 'PLEASE! YOU don’t get to define Jesus.' And in those moments, I recall all the amazing examples of the love of Jesus throughout history and let them shape my faith.

It is strangely amusing to me that my faith has, from time to time, been held together by a spiritual 'PLEASE!'.” 

~ Mark Van Steenwyk :)


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