27 November 2016

Different Types of Wedding Guests

1. They are very eager to attend. Remind you to invite them. They came very happily and early for the wedding banquet.

2. They said they will attend. On that day itself, they said cannot. Seats were reserved for them.

3. They ding dong, dong ding. Can come. Cannot come. Can come. Cannot come. Can come. They did not come for the wedding banquet at all. Seats were reserved for them.

4. They are the chu pattern kings and queens. They never replied to your messages. They did not bother to read your messages. They needed personal attention from you before they rsvp. On the day itself some members of their family did not come. Seats were reserved for them.

5. They invited themselves by informing you that they would be visiting your country on the wedding day. They enquired about free accommodation and transport.

6. They attended the wedding banquet without bringing any gifts.

7. They tried to steal the limelight from the bridal couple through their behaviour.

8. They arrived later than the bridal couple after the banquet had started.

9. They had been very helpful throughout the wedding preparation months and on the actual day itself. They gave expensive gifts. A big thank you :)


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