23 January 2017

Thank You!

“A sincere attitude of gratitude 
is a beatitude for secured altitudes. 
Appreciate what we have been given 
and we will be promoted higher.”  

~ Israelmore Ayivor :) 

22 January 2017

Love, Hope and Peace

"I've been open to friendship 
with anyone in any station or walk of life, 
from all religions. 
I engage in conversation with them. 
If we don't reach out to them, 
we end up neglecting them. 
We need to speak more words of 
love, hope and peace, 
instead of words of 
condemnation and judgement." 

~ Kang Ho Soon :)

21 January 2017



20 January 2017


“If I had to give you 
one piece of advice 
it would be this: 
don’t be intimidated 
by other peoples’ opinions.” 

~ Paulo Coelho :)

19 January 2017


“There are two ways of spreading light: 
to be the candle 
or the mirror that reflects it.”

~ Edith Wharton :)

18 January 2017


"We are only interested in what is real. 
Real people, 
real feelings, 
that’s it, 
that’s all we are interested in.” 

~ Russell Hammond :)

17 January 2017

We Are

“Give up defining ourselves 
- to ourselves or to others. 
We will come to life. 
And do not be concerned 
with how others define us. 
When they define us, 
they are limiting themselves, 
so it is their problem. 
Whenever we interact with people, 
do not be there primarily 
as a function or a role, 
but as the field of conscious presence. 
We can only lose something that we have, 
but we cannot lose something that we are.” 

~ Eckhart Tolle :)

16 January 2017


"I have come to realise that 
the only people I need in my life 
are the ones who need me in theirs, 
even when I have nothing else 
to offer them but myself." 

~ Author Unknown :)

15 January 2017

Trust Me

I know 
what I bring 
to the table, 
so trust me, 
I am not scared 
to eat alone... :)

14 January 2017


"Not everyone will appreciate 
what we do for them. 
We have to figure out 
who is worth our kindness 
and who is just taking advantage." 

~ Author Unknown :)

13 January 2017


“Don’t think about 
what can happen 
in a month. 
Don’t think about 
what can happen 
in a year. 
Just focus 
on the 24 hours 
in front of us
and do 
what we can 
to get closer 
to where 
we want to be.” 

~ Eric Thomas :)

12 January 2017


"Everyone has gone through something 
that has changed them in a way 
that they could never go back 
to the person they once were." 

~ Author Unknown :)

11 January 2017

Keep It

“All I want from your love 
is for you to 
keep it simple, 
keep it honest, 
and keep it coming.” 

~ William Chapman :)

10 January 2017

Love and Feel

“We have to love. 
We have to feel. 
It is the reason 
we are here on earth. 
We are here 
to risk our hearts.” 

~ Louise Erdrich :)

09 January 2017

Human Beings

“Human beings 
have a demonstrated talent 
for self-deception 
when their emotions are stirred.” 

~ Carl Sagan :)

08 January 2017


“Discipline is not a dirty word. 
Far from it. 
Discipline is the one thing 
that separates us 
from chaos and anarchy. 

Discipline implies timing. 

It is the precursor 
to good behavior, 
and it never comes 
from bad behavior. 

People who associate 
discipline with punishment 
are wrong: 
with discipline, 
punishment is unnecessary.” 

~ Buck Brannaman :)

07 January 2017


“We need to learn how 
to select our thoughts 
just the same way 
we select our clothes every day. 
This is a power we can cultivate. 
If we want to control things 
in our lives so bad, 
work on the mind. 
That’s the only thing 
we should be trying 
to control.” 

~ Elizabeth Gilbert :)

06 January 2017

You Wanted

“You wanted to write something worthwhile. 
You wanted to make sense of it all. 
You wanted to tell the truth. 
You wanted to understand why you felt like this." 

~ Lora Mathis :)

05 January 2017


“If it is right, 
it happens. 
The main thing 
is not to hurry. 
Nothing good 
gets away.” 

~ John Steinbeck :)

04 January 2017


It’s still a new year, 
with new beginnings now. 
I wanna be even stronger, 
learn more, 
and love better. 
To the new friends I made 
and old friends 
who have been always there, 
I’m thankful :)

03 January 2017


"I shall now quietly leave, 
and silently return... 
where Reality continues... 
and I shall continue to 
find Joy in
and bring Joy 
to everything I do." 

~ Jiang P.C. :)

02 January 2017

New Years

“I love new years. 
I love the fact that 
I’ll be leaving 
a whole year behind me, 
no matter if it was good, 
bad, or average. 
I like that kind of closure. 
I love this feeling of 
starting over again 
and having 
a fresh year ahead of me, 
filled with new chances, 
new experiences.” 

~ Lauren B. :)

01 January 2017


I wish all of you a very great 2017 with lots of meaningful moments and splendid surprises :)

Happy New Year!

In 2017,
I hope you
love a little bolder
laugh a little louder
stand a little taller
be a little braver
dream a little bigger
and make the world a little brighter! :)

"Enough Happiness To Keep You Happy

During the year may you have
Enough happiness to keep you sweet
Enough hope to keep you happy
Enough success to keep you eager
Enough friends to give you comfort
Enough wealth to meet your needs
Enough enthusiasm to make you look forward to tomorrow
Enough determination to make each day better than the day before"

~ Author Unknown :)

31 December 2016

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30 December 2016


“I think 
I fall in love a little bit 
with anyone who shows me their soul. 
This world is so guarded and fearful. 
I appreciate rawness so much.” 

~ Emery Allen :)

29 December 2016

Pretty Flowers



28 December 2016


"You have enemies? 
That means you've stood up for something, 
sometime in your life." 

~ Winston Churchill :)

27 December 2016

I Am

"I took 
a deep breath 
and listened 
to the old brag 
of my heart; 

I am, 
I am, 
I am." 

~ Sylvia Plath :)

26 December 2016


"My mornings and nights 
are seamlessly similar. 
The first thing I think about 
when I wake up, 
is food; 
the last thing I think about 
before I sleep, 
is food." 

~ Chia Yen-Yi :)

25 December 2016

Blessed Christmas

“Then the Grinch thought of 
something he hadn’t before! 
What if Christmas, 
he thought, 
doesn’t come from a store. 
What if Christmas…
means a little bit more!” 

~ Dr Seuss :)

24 December 2016


"After awhile, 
things will make sense, 
and then they don't; 
and then you don't give a shit anymore, 
and then you do. 
Be human they said... 
It'll be fun they said..." 

~Jenn Chia :)

23 December 2016


“It is a miracle 
if we can find true friends, 
and it is a miracle 
if we have enough food to eat, 
and it is a miracle 
if we get to spend 
our days and evenings doing 
whatever it is we like to do, 
and the holiday season 
- like all the other seasons 
- is a good time not only 
to tell stories of miracles, 
but to think about 
the miracles in our own lives, 
and to be grateful for them.” 

~ Lemony Snicket :)

22 December 2016

Art and Love

“Art and love 
are the same thing: 
It is the process of 
seeing ourselves in things 
that are not us.” 

~ Chuck Klosterman :)

21 December 2016

Happiness and Reason

“He feels within him 
his longing for happiness 
and for reason. 
The absurd 
is born of this confrontation 
between the human need 
and the unreasonable silence of the world. 
This must not be forgotten. 
This must be clung to 
because the whole consequence of a life 
can depend on it.” 

~ Albert Camus :)

20 December 2016

Admire and Respect

"I do admire and respect people 
who admit their mistake 
instead of pushing it to others." 

~ Linda W. :)

19 December 2016

Love Hard

“He’s not perfect. You aren’t either, and the two of you will never be perfect. But if he can make you laugh at least once, causes you to think twice, and if he admits to being human and making mistakes, hold onto him and give him the most you can. He isn’t going to quote poetry, he’s not thinking about you every moment, but he will give you a part of him that he knows you could break. Don’t hurt him, don’t change him, and don’t expect for more than he can give. Don’t analyze. Smile when he makes you happy, yell when he makes you mad, and miss him when he’s not there. Love hard when there is love to be had. Because perfect guys don’t exist, but there’s always one guy that is perfect for you.” 

~ Bob Marley :)

18 December 2016

But Please

"I don't understand what happened but please, 
don't be that person to stoop to the same level 
as those people who are being mean to us." 

~ Khalil Lauj :)

17 December 2016

Next Time

"I've made mistakes in my life.
I've let people take advantage of me,
and I've accepted way less than I deserve.
But, I've learnt from my bad choices,
and even though there are 
some things I can never recover
and people who will never be sorry,
I now know better for next time.
Next time, I will not settle for
anything less than I deserve."

~ Author Unknown :)

16 December 2016


"If we could watch 
the splendour of lightning, 
no two are ever the same. 
I love the rain 
and even when it storms, 
it is an awesome display of 
how small we are 
yet so valued. 
It is for the romantic." 

~ Susan Kelly :)

15 December 2016


"I am fascinated by people who are themselves." 

~ Phelps Schneider :)

14 December 2016


"Performing takes me to another reality; 
and it is liberating knowing that 
there will always be 
somewhere else I could go." 

~ Chia Yen-Yi :)

13 December 2016


  • "Most humans are never fully present in the now, 
  • because unconsciously they believe that 
  • the next moment must be more important 
  • than this one. 
  • But then we miss our whole life, 
  • which is never not now." 

  • ~ Author Unknown :)

  • 12 December 2016

    The Same

    "It seemed like you could know me. 
    Like you could understand anything I told you. 
    And the more we spoke, I knew why. 
    The same things excited us. 
    The same things concerned us." 

    ~ Jay Asher :)