16 August 2017


"We place 
too much importance 
on ourselves 
and on people 
needing to get hold of us." 

~ Shailene Woodley :)

15 August 2017


"There are a lot of brave things we can do, 
but one of the bravest things 
is to just be ourselves." 

~ Shailene Woodley :)

14 August 2017


"Not all disagreements 
have to happen online 
for all to see 
and many things 
are better left unsaid 
to protect others." 

~ Tammy Tay :)

13 August 2017


"I have a beautiful relationship 
with people who are fans of the films that I do, 
in my day-to-day interaction with them. 
But because I do not participate in social media, 
I do not really have any personal connection to anyone." 

~ Shailene Woodley :)

12 August 2017


"We listen to them 
and calculate 
what each of them has to say, 
but at the end of the day, 
we choose to honour ourselves 
and our own integrity." 

~ Shailene Woodley :)

11 August 2017

We Love

"Loving someone 
makes us kind and generous.
We are always trying 
to become the best version of ourselves. 
It is what we do as people
- we love."

~ Cheryl Julia L. :)

10 August 2017


"Always from instinct. 
Always from passion." 

~ Shailene Woodley :)

09 August 2017

Chance and Fate

"How do you even find love? 
It is all by chance and fate."

~ Shenny Yang :)

08 August 2017


"Sometimes in life 
we make choices 
to protect 
what we feel is important. 
These decisions may not 
make us look good 
but we know." 

~ Yan Kay Kay :)

07 August 2017


"I'm the kind of the person who is normally bubbly and would usually smile and laugh at things but today I couldn't control my eyes. I cried a huge amount. A person doesn't need many friends, just someone who really understands you, who will make you happy, ask about you... Being this touched (by her friendship) is the best birthday present ever. Thank you." 

~ Vivian Hsu :)

06 August 2017


“It is always surprising to me 
how many young women think 
they have to be perfect. 
I rarely meet a young man 
who does not think he already is.” 

~ Hillary Clinton :)

05 August 2017


"You would be very proud some day when they make their mark in life and you know silently that you played a small part in it and the greatest satisfaction comes when they acknowledge that and...remember you." :) 


“A friend 
is not our friend 
until they defend us 
in our absence.” 

~ Mrs Britt :)

04 August 2017

Tossing and Turning

"I am tired of keeping my lids shut 
and pretending to sleep 
and tossing and turning 
till my bed creaks in defiance 
in the stillness of the night." 

~ Tan Dawn Wei :)

* This post, and 99% of the noon posts, was written more than a year ago. Cheers! :)

03 August 2017


"Writing is an underestimated art, 
we are painting colorful images 
in people’s minds by using words 
of black and white." 

~ Author Unknown :)

02 August 2017

Rich Territory

"I write about love
because it fascinates me.

In human relationships,
I find love of a romantic nature the most dynamic.

There is a very rich territory to explore."

~ Lang Leav :)

01 August 2017


"I think I have started to uncover a very very tiny part of a huge secret world, where we develop the ability to provide, where we recognise our instinct to protect, where we learn how to appreciate our right knee.

And that secret world is called… Parenthood.

~ Cheeserland :)

31 July 2017

Go On

"In real life, 
not everything ends with a conclusion. 
things just go on and are left hanging." 

~ Timothy T. :)

30 July 2017


"Not everything is supposed to become something beautiful and long-lasting. Sometimes people come into our lives to show us what is right and what is wrong, to show us who we can be, to teach us to love ourselves, to make us feel better for a little while, or to just be someone to walk with at night and spill our lives to. Not everyone is going to stay forever, and we still have to keep on going and thank them for what they have given us." 

~ Emery Allen :)

29 July 2017

There Are

"There are people who dislike us 
because we do not dislike ourselves." 

~ Chimamanda N. A. :)

28 July 2017


Perhaps someone should tell his wife that that place is not as that painted by her. Small people always do that, but they really great make us feel that we, too, can become great :)

27 July 2017


"He takes me as I am
and loves me
into someone better.

The freedom to grow,
with no reason to hide.

This is a man worth sticking beside."

~ Author Unknown :)

26 July 2017


"It is not that the meaning cannot be explained. 
But there are certain meanings 
that are lost forever 
the moment they are explained in words.”

~ Haruki Murakami :)

25 July 2017


"Time does not change us. 
It just unfolds us." 

~ Max Frisch :)

24 July 2017


"Just remember that sometimes, 
the way you think about a person 
is not the way they actually are." 

~ Harper Lee :)

23 July 2017


"Our emotions may not make sense 
and sometimes we will be irrational, 
but they will always be valid. 
We are allowed to cry if we are hurt. 
We are allowed to find bad jokes funny. 
And we are allowed to scream if we want to, 
but it is better to laugh." 

~ Author Unknown :)

22 July 2017


"Learn when to care 
and when to laugh it off. 
If somebody hurts us, 
tell them. 
If they hurt us again, 

~ Author Unknown :)

21 July 2017

Meaning Of Life

"No one can tell you the meaning of life. 
Happy people are the ones 
who have found their own meaning." 

~ Author Unknown :)

20 July 2017

Grow In Love

"I want to grow in love instead. 
Loving you feels nothing like falling in love
— it feels a lot more like blooming. 

The reaching of a flower for the sun; 
the reaching of my hand for yours." 

~ Lauren B. :)

19 July 2017


"Self-love is a good thing 
but self-awareness is more important." 

~ Louis C. K. :)

18 July 2017

Stepping Stones

Look behind us 
and see the stepping stones 
that God laid ahead of us 
to bring us 
to where we are today :)

17 July 2017

All The Time

God is very good all the time :)

16 July 2017

New Friends

"At some point of time
 everyone will meet new friends
 and move on. 
It is part and parcel of life. 
Just keep the good memories 
and live our lives happily."

~ Shenny :)

15 July 2017


“Have more than we show,
Speak less than we know.”

~ William Shakespeare :)

14 July 2017


Develop an understanding of our own 
and other people's behaviour. 

We need to take charge of our behaviour 
- improve our listening skills, 
be aware of the impact of our tone of voice 
and body language, 
as well as be more assertive :)

13 July 2017


"Watch our thoughts; they become words.

Watch our words; they become actions.

Watch our actions; they become habits.

Watch our habits; they become character.

Watch our character; it becomes our destiny."

~ Frank Outlaw :)

12 July 2017


“Other people 
are going to find 
healing in our wounds.”

~ L. Britt :)

11 July 2017

Universality of Love

"Poetry taught me,
first of all,
the universality of love.

All speak 
with the same heart 
of the same experiences.

So poetry,
like love,
is a universal language."

~ Jane Hirshfield :)

10 July 2017


"Our greatest life messages 
and our most effective ministry 
will come out of our deepest hurts." 

~ Lauren B. :)

09 July 2017


“It is all about 
falling in love with ourselves 
and sharing that love with 
someone who appreciates us, 
rather than looking for love 
to compensate for a self-love deficit” 

~ Eartha Kitt :)

08 July 2017

Love and Respect

"I must undertake to love myself 
and to respect myself 
as though my very life depends 
upon self-love and self-respect.” 

~ June Jordan :)

07 July 2017

Unique Journey

"The reality is that 
there is no one correct path in life. 

Everyone has their 
own unique journey.”

~ Daniell Koepke :)

06 July 2017


"Do not make assumptions. 

Find the courage to ask questions 
and to express what we really want. 

Communicate with others 
as clearly as we can 
to avoid misunderstandings, 
sadness and drama. 

With just this one agreement, 
we can completely transform our lives."

~ Don Miguel Ruiz :)

05 July 2017


“How old would you be 
if you did not know 
how old you are?”

~ Satchel Paige :)

04 July 2017

Our Word

Be impeccable with our word. 
Speak with integrity. 
Say only what we mean. 
Avoid using the word to speak 
against ourselves 
or to gossip about others. 
Use the power of our word 
in the direction of truth and love."

~ Don Miguel Ruiz :)

03 July 2017

Never Grow Old

Love letters
never grow old.

Full of promise,
beguiling because 
they project the reader
into a fond past
a deliciously promising future.

They reveal 
fresh analytical possibilities 
at each reading :)

02 July 2017


Love letter certainly has rules.

It must acknowledge 
the absence of the beloved in some way,
invoking while removing them.

It traffics in and dwells on memory :)

01 July 2017


Love letter constitutes 
a genre in itself :)

30 June 2017

Love Letters

Love letters never get old,
and they seem never to go out of fashion:
People may think 
they are corny or embarrassing, 
but they still love to get them :)

29 June 2017



* This post, and 99% of the noon posts, was written more than a year ago. Cheers! :)

28 June 2017

Tell Me


* This post, and 99% of the noon posts, was written more than a year ago. Cheers! :)

27 June 2017


We will wonder why we did not do this before
- just go away by ourselves for a while,
get back in touch with our essence :)

* This post, and 99% of the noon posts, was written more than a year ago. Cheers! :)

26 June 2017

Do Not Listen

Do not listen to
what people would not say
to our face :)

25 June 2017


far from being
an artificial construct
of civilisation,
is integral to our biology :)

24 June 2017


Never say anything online
that we would not say to
someone's face :)

23 June 2017


In a world without faces,
compassion is a practice that
requires discipline,
even imagination :)

22 June 2017


Emojis are an explicit attempt
to replicate the emotional context
that facial expression provides :)

21 June 2017


Through imitation and mimicry,
we are able to feel what other people feel.
By being able to feel what other people feel,
we are also able to respond to
other people's emotional states :)

20 June 2017

Infinity of the Face

From the infinity of the face
comes the sense of inevitable obligation,
the possibility of discourse,
the origin of the ethical impulse :)

19 June 2017

The Face

The face is the substance,
not just the reflection,
of the infinity of another person :)

18 June 2017


It is a dissonance we are all running up 
against more and more,
the dissonance 
between the world of faces 
and the world without faces. 

And the world without faces 
is coming to dominate :)

17 June 2017

Window-Dressing Engagement

Window-dressing engagement
is going to result in more
alienation and cynicism :)

16 June 2017

Good School

"While every school can be a good school,
the quality of resources is simply not the same
in terms of networks, school histories and exposure."

~ Vincent Chua :)

15 June 2017


The class we come from 
does influence our destination :)

14 June 2017


“We are not obligated 
to remain friends with some people 
simply because of a little thing called time. 

Time changes people; 
it sheds light on new friendships 
whose time has come to be.” 

~ Author Unknown :)

13 June 2017


Class plays a big role 
in shaping how people think :)

12 June 2017


The class a person falls into 
shapes his attitudes and choices :)

11 June 2017


“Before I met you, 
I never knew what it was like 
to be able to look at someone 
and smile for no reason.” 

~ Author Unknown :)

10 June 2017

That First Time

“Have we ever watched a groom 
when his bride appears for the first time? 
All eyes are on her, 
but the true magic is wherever that groom is. 

To witness his eyes light up, 
to see the emotions fall across his face. 
To be there as he fights 
to retain control of his feelings, 
as all men are supposed to do in that situation. 

But those first few seconds, 
we see the truth. 

We can see 
everything he feels 
when he sees her that first time.” 

~ Alice Clayton :)

09 June 2017


"Oh lah lah! My daily highlight."

"Simple pleasure."

"HaHa! Betul!" :)


“Not everyone has to understand us. 
Our mind is an intricate maze. 
The goal is not to get to 
the middle of the puzzle. 
The goal is to get lost in the beauty of us.” 

~ Lauren B. :)

08 June 2017

Earlier and Easier

“No matter where we are in life, 
we will save a lot of time 
by not worrying too much 
about what other people think about us. 
The earlier in our lives 
that we can learn that, 
the easier the rest of it will be.” 

~ Sophia Amoruso :)

07 June 2017


“When we are young, 
thunderstorms seem scary. 
Like the sky is angry at us. 
But now that we are older, 
something about its roar soothes us; 
it is comforting to know that 
even nature needs to scream sometimes.” 

~ Author Unknown :)