21 February 2018

Our Example

“The world is changed
by our example, 
not our opinion.” 

~ Paulo Coelho :)

20 February 2018

God's Miracles

God's miracles 
are not just a challenge to our minds, 
but a promise to our hearts :)

19 February 2018





18 February 2018

Genuine Prayers

"Thanks for caring, 
and thank you for loving me 
through your genuine prayers. 

There is nothing sweeter on here 
than to have empathy 
and beseech God on behalf of His children 
despite hardly knowing each other. 

I just love that 
and know so many of you do too." 

~ Lauren B. :)

17 February 2018


“I am only one, 
but I am one. 

I cannot do everything, 
but I can do something. 

And I will not let 
what I cannot do 
interfere with 
what I can do.” 

~ Edward Everett Hale :)

16 February 2018

Give Away

“Give away love like we are made of it.” 

~ Bob Goff :)

15 February 2018

Right Person

little or big,
becomes an adventure
when the right person
shares it."

~ Kathleen Norris :)

14 February 2018


"Love can be 
and non-judgmental.

It can be

It can be
bigger than us
and sometimes
more about 
the other person
in the relationship
than about ourselves.

It can heal.

It can make
us lovely.

It can be
a lot of fun."

~ Jennifer Niven :)

13 February 2018


"What lies ahead? 
Nobody knows. 

Cloudy, sunny, rainy days ... 
A spectacle of scale or a detail of beauty. 

Whatever lies ahead, 
we will take that step together, 
and we will be richer for it." 

~ Cheo M. S. :)

12 February 2018


"Ladies should wear jewellery 
the same way they wear clothes 
- comfortably, in their own way 
and with a playful spirit." 

~ Ilaria Lanzoni :)

11 February 2018

Love You

“I love you in a language 
that I do not fully understand.
In words that I have not found enough 

courage to forklift out of my chest.” 

~ Rudy Francisco :)

10 February 2018

Be Careful

I beg you. 

Be careful how you respond to cultural curve balls. 
It is not my intention to be harsh, or unloving. 

The reality is that many of us believe 
that we are being “Biblical” in our approach to some scenarios, 
but we could not be further from the truth. 

The reason that many people reject Christianity 
is not because it’s 'conservative' 
but because we, as Christians, 
act and react in ways 
that are genuinely repulsive. 

Be careful.” 

~ Tim Keller :)

09 February 2018

Our Voice

"Our voice is important. 
Don’t halfway our opinion. 
Don’t back-pedal 
and soften it up 
and cater to everyone else. 

We’ll catch hate anyway. 

I don’t mean you never say you’re wrong; 
we’re all wrong, a lot. 

I mean: 
be fabulously passionate about what’s right. 

We’re a drop in this ocean 
and then we’re gone. 

Make it count. 
Stand for something." 

~ J. S. Park :)

08 February 2018

The Person

“We must begin to think of ourselves 
as becoming the person we want to be.” 

~ David Viscott :)

07 February 2018


“Friendship is a relationship 
that has no formal shape, 
there are no rules 
or obligations or bonds 
as in marriage 
or the family, 
it is held together 
by neither law 
nor property nor blood, 
there is no glue in it 
but mutual liking. 
It is therefore rare.” 

~ Wallace Stegner :) 

06 February 2018


When the smallest of gestures 
remains the grandest of them all :)

05 February 2018


"Without an ounce of salt, 
the lightness of the tasty soup stock 
dances around the palate, 
and each individual ingredient 
speaks for itself 
honestly and authentically. 

Boss Ming :)

04 February 2018


Life is not just about friends though. 
Many a time, 
the acquaintances, 
whom we just met on a one-off basis 
can make an impact :)

03 February 2018


It is often when we are inarticulate 
that our voice and body communicate 
what language cannot :)

02 February 2018



01 February 2018


A shallower grasp of a language means that 
the speaker is more economical 
and more direct with his words. 

A comfortable grasp of a language 
might have allowed the speaker 
to dodge the subject 
with all sorts of poetic digression and ambiguities :)

31 January 2018


"I sometimes translate. 
It is usually an interesting intellectual challenge 
rather than an emotional one, 
an exercise in matching tone of voice 
and precision of meaning, 
in ensuring that what I am quoting in print 
is as faithful to our conversation as possible." 

~ Corrie Tan :)

30 January 2018


“Never try to have more faith
– just get to know God better. 

And because God is faithful, 
the better we know about Him, 
the more we will trust Him.” 

~ John Ortberg :)

29 January 2018

Happy People

“Happy people know suffering more than anyone else, 
and that is how they can see 
just how beautiful their lives are. 
It is because they have seen the depths.”

~ Brianna West :)

28 January 2018


“Do not empty ourselves into 
those unwilling to pour into us. 

We deserve more.

We are worthy of reciprocity.” 

~ Alex Elle :)

27 January 2018


“Do the things you used to talk about doing but never did. Know when to let go and when to hold on tight. Stop rushing. Don’t be intimidated to say it like it is. Stop apologizing all the time. Learn to say no, so your yes has some oomph. Spend time with the friends who lift you up, and cut loose the ones who bring you down. Stop giving your power away. Be more concerned with being interested than being interesting. Be old enough to appreciate your freedom, and young enough to enjoy it. Finally know who you are.” 

~ Kristin Armstrong :)

26 January 2018

A Heart

“How beautiful to find a heart that loves you, 
without asking you for anything, 
but to be okay.” 

~ Khalil Gibran :) 

25 January 2018

Good Heart

"In life, if you are intelligent, you are admired. If you are wealthy, you are envied. If you are powerful, you are feared. But if you're blessed with a good heart, you are remembered, always by those you have touched. It is not about the wealth, power or intellect, but in what you left with another in life given from your heart and left with those you have touched by living true to your heart." 

~ Cathy Greek :)

24 January 2018

Lose and Lost

"FaceBook asks me 'what's on your mind?' And I say, a lot, a lot is on my mind. I am burdened by the lostness of some part of the church of Jesus Christ - there are places where we have lost our moral compass, lost the true gospel, lost God's mission in the world, lost the supernatural power of God and lost deep agonizing prayers at prayer meetings. If this continues, we will lose a generation of believers - young and old." 

~ Pastor Barnabas Chong

23 January 2018


Even for weddings put on within means,
often the smallest, simplest, most personal gestures
are those that are most resonant.

The weddings that are truly about the couple
are the ones that everyone remembers,
because everyone walks away and says,
"Those two people are really in love."

It does not have to be expensive to be memorable.

It is just a matter of being thoughtful.
This does not cost anything except time,
but it is something everyone remembers :)

22 January 2018


What happens 
when we try to communicate 
the depths of love in a language 
we can speak 
but that we have not yet made our own? :)

21 January 2018


The good people are overwhelmed 
by a feeling of limitless gratitude,
and an acceptance of the fact 
that life has treated them 
much better than they deserve.

These are the people we want to be :)

20 January 2018

Deep Tranquility

The good people do not build their loves 
by being better than others,
but by being better than they used to be.

There are transcendent moments of deep tranquility.

For most of their lives, 
their inner and outer ambitions
are strong and in balance :)

19 January 2018

Aesthetic Joy

There is an aesthetic joy we feel 
when we see morally good action,

when we run across someone who is
quiet and humble and good,

when we see that however old we are,
there is lots to do ahead :)

18 January 2018

Deep Conversations

The good people have an outstretched arm,
ready to receive and offer help.

Their friends are there for deep conversations,
comfort and advice :)

17 January 2018

Devoted Love

The good people chose well.

Their character stabilised.

Their capacity for emphatic understanding expanded.

They live in a state of steady, devoted love.

The kind of love that comes after a person is older,
scarred a bit and enmeshed in responsibilities :)

16 January 2018


"Light and easily broken ties 
are what I neither desire theoretically 
nor could live for practically." 

~ Mary Ann Evans :)

15 January 2018

Conscience Leap

In most lives,
there is a moment 
when people strip away 
all the branding and status symbols, 
all the prestige that goes with 
having gone to a certain school 
or been born into a certain family. 
They leap out beyond the untilitarian logic 
and rise through the barriers of their fears :)

14 January 2018


"And many - ordinary Christians, Church leaders, seminaries; by the way they live, view Christian spirituality, and organise/prioritise their ministries - do not seem to be persuaded that ethics is essential for Christian faith and discipleship." 

~ Daniel Koh

"Too much so-called 'holiness teaching" emphasizes a personal relationship to Jesus Christ without any attempt to indicate its consequences in terms of relationships with the people we live and work with. In contrast to such holiness-in-a-vacuum, which magnifies experiences and minimizes ethics, the apostles spelled out Christian duty in the concrete situations of everyday life and work." (Stott, 1979, 214)

13 January 2018


Some people have experiences 
that turn a career into a calling.

These experiences quiet the self.

All that matters is living up 
to the standard of excellence 
inherent in their craft :)

12 January 2018

Gift of Love


11 January 2018

Love Outlives Us All

"If we love something, 
love it completely,
cherish it
say it 
most importantly,
show it.

Say what we need to say,
then say a little more.
Say too much.
Show too much.
Love too much.

Everything is temporary except love.
Love outlives us all."

~ R. Queen :)

10 January 2018

Flood of Love

Love that spills outwards and upwards.

A flood of love and joy.

With this comes the need to worship, to adore :)

09 January 2018

Energising Love

The kind of love that decentres the self.

It reminds us that our true riches are in another.

Most of all,
this love electrifies.

It puts us in a state of need
and makes it delightful to serve what we love :)

08 January 2018


In the realm of emotions, 
a good character person is embedded 
in a web of unconditional loves.

In the realm of action, 
the person is committed to tasks 
that can't be completed in a single lifetime :)

07 January 2018

Settled Philosophy

Character is defined by how deeply rooted we are.

In the realm of the intellect, 
a person of good character 
has achieved a settled philosophy 
about fundamental things :)

06 January 2018

Genuine People

They are profoundly honest about their own weaknesses.

They have identified their core sin.

They have achieved a profound humility :)

05 January 2018

Wonderful People

Wonderful people are made,
not born.

They have achieved a genuine inner virtue,
built slowly from 
specific moral and spiritual accomplishments :)

04 January 2018


The pen at quiet rest before the pad.
The writer thinks.
He waits.

Words will come.

* This post, and 99% of the noon posts, was written more than a year ago. Cheers! :)

03 January 2018

Moral Adventures

Moral adventures that produce 
inner goodness and depth of character.

Deepest meaning of life.

Highest moral joys.

Incandescent souls.

Road to deep excellent character :)

02 January 2018

Inner Light

About once a month, I run across a person who radiates an inner light. These people can be from any walk of life. They seem deeply good. They listen well. They make you feel funny and valued. You often catch them looking after others and, as they do so, their laugh is musical and their manner is infused with gratitude. They are not thinking about what wonderful work they are doing. They are not thinking about themselves at all. They have the generosity of spirit and depth of character.

When I meet such a person, it brightens my whole day :)

01 January 2018


“You laugh like a metaphor 
I have been trying to write down for years.” 

~ Rudy Francisco :)

31 December 2017


30 December 2017


“There will come a time 
when we believe everything is finished. 
That will be the beginning.” 

~ Louis L'Amour :)

29 December 2017


“Wisdom is not gained by knowing what is right. 
Wisdom is gained by practising what is right, 
and noticing what happens 
when that practice succeeds 
and when it fails.” 

~ Barbara Brown Taylor :)

28 December 2017

Find and Value

“I find beauty in all things 
authentic, pure, and eternal. 
And so I value honesty, 

I value holiness, 
and I value the soul.” 

~ Lauren B. :)

27 December 2017


“We are not the opinion 
of someone who does not know us.” 

~ Taylor Swift :)

26 December 2017


“I am constantly trying 
to communicate something incommunicable, 
to explain something inexplicable, 
to tell about something I only feel in my bones 
and which can only be experienced in those bones.” 

~ Franz Kafka :)

25 December 2017

Best Love

“The best and most transformative kind of love, the real, genuine, love-you-so-much-it-hurts-and-changes-me-at-my-core-kind-of-love, is a striking bliss mixed with the reality of someone unveiling who you really are. Do not destroy yourself over this kind of love, create yourself.” 

~ Brianna Wiest :)

24 December 2017


“If I was to say that 
I really, really, really wanted 
to get to know you, 
it would just be an understatement. 

I want to pour your thoughts in a wine glass 
and sip them slow and strong 
like I am on vacation.” 

~ Rudy Francisco :)

23 December 2017


"My life got about a thousand times better once I stopped censoring myself
and by censoring I don’t mean I suddenly embraced indiscriminate swearing; I mean I stopped trying to sugarcoat my past or my feelings; I stopped lying by omission; I stopped having guilty pleasures; I began unabashedly enjoying whatever I liked; I became very honest; I cut out of my life poisonous people and negative ideals, and I am so, so much happier for it." 

~ Mrs Dallo G. :)

22 December 2017


“We have to recognize 
that there cannot be relationships 
unless there is commitment, 
unless there is loyalty, 
unless there is love, 
patience and persistence.” 

~ Cornel West :)