09 October 2015


"Not every moment is a good moment, 
and sometimes you just want a way to express empathy. 
Reactions gives you new ways to express 
love, awe, humour and sadness."

  ~ Mark Zuckerberg :)


Some photos from Ipoh made my day.
HaHa! Correct guess :)

An April 2015 post attracted 
more than two hundred page views 
to the other blog :)


One of the most sincere forms of respect
is actually listening
to what another has to say :)

08 October 2015

Cross and Change

"Some people cross our path
and change our whole direction."

~ Author Unknown :)

World of Colours

"Even though I live in a world of colours, 

I see and feel everything and everyone 

in black and white. 

My emotions, feelings, preferences 

and all of my senses 

can only be aptly depicted in black or white. 

To me, 

there will never be an in between, 

which means it will never be grey. 

And yes, 

I am extreme 

but I am what I am 

and I embrace it with pride." 

~ Jamie Chua :)


"Be a girl with a mind, 

a woman with attitude 

and a lady with class."  

~ Author Unknown :)


Even the birds are chirping away happily,
breathing in the fresh clean air :)

Was It

Was it the possibility of underlying issues 
afflicting the foreign workers?

Was it an expression of bottled-up grievances 
with their working conditions?

07 October 2015

Lights on the Ships

Can see the lights on the ships again.

Perhaps, the lights from across the Straits of Johor
can be seen again soon.

Love the rain that washes the haze away :)


"When we do not feel any peace, 
it means no." 

~ Author Unknown :)

Lovely Lady

Two Months Ago

"You know her very well."
"I don't know her personally.
But I know how well-mannered people behave." :)


"I really didn't expect her to say this."
"Otherwise, how to be the former girlfriend of a gangster?" :)

06 October 2015

Still Good and Real

"Friends who are constantly around 
comforting and praying for me 
when I lost the strength and faith 
to pray for myself. 

In the midst of all,
God is faithful 
and He speaks through many other things. 

When I find it hard to believe 
and when I can’t see His hands, 
God is still good and real." 

~ Eileen Chin :)

Mohd of LV ION

More than ten years ago

He was a student earning some pocket money 
at Giordano White Sands during the holidays.

One day

"Aunty, could you help me with my ITE application form?"

A few weeks later

"Aunty, I got in. Thank you very much. 
My Mother says terima kasih too.

A few years ago at Esprit Tampines One

"Aunty, how are you?
Do you recognise me?
I've graduated from ITE."

A few months later

"Where is Mohd?"
"He had been headhunted by LV ION."

Mohd had been on my mind these few days
Perhaps, I'll drop by ION one day :)

05 October 2015


Life is kind

I hope for kindness all around

This is my thoughts on a Monday evening :)


I is surprises you is ask those questionings :D


"Good things come to those who believe.
Better things come to those who are patient.
The best things come to those who don't give up."

~ Author Unknown :)


"If we look mindfully, 
beauty is around us! 

Cherish our loved ones. 
Never take them for granted. 

Enjoy life and smile often 
as it's one of the best gifts 
we can give to anyone."

~ Kitty Cheng :)

Always Believe

"It doesn't matter what comes against you 

when you know what's within you. 

Always believe and have faith 

that good begets good 

while evil begets evil." 

~ Jamie Chua on her instagram account ec24m six hours ago :)   

Good Vibes

"Good vibes, 

good energy all around." 

~ Jamie Chua on her instagram account ec24m nine hours ago :)

04 October 2015

Own Best Friend

"I have been stabbed in the back 
by those I needed most.

I have been lied to 
by those I loved.

And I have felt alone 
when I couldn't afford to be.

But at the end of the day, 
I have learnt to be my own best friend."

~ Author Unknown :)

03 October 2015


 heart emoticon Kit Kat. Tiah tiah heart emoticon

March On

"Life goes on. 

And the road will be better 
without the broken glass. 

I have been there many times over 
and I won't waste an extra minute minute. 

If you think and know 
you have done nothing wrong, 
march on." 

~ Joe L. :)

02 October 2015


"If we, as the readers, 
are smart enough to read between the lines, 
it would start to make sense." 

~ Belmont Lay :) 

Quotes by Jamie Chua Xin Yin

"I'm only human and sometimes I do need some space. 

So do not speculate and BE KIND."

"Don't let life pass you by. 

Cherish every single moment of your life 

coz you never know what tomorrow brings."

"I want nothing but positive vibes surrounding me."

"In order to observe, we have to be incognito." 

"Look up to learn how to be better everyday."

"Ohana means family. 

Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten."

* This techie noob here does not know 
how to standardise the print  
for all the quotes above :)

The Line

The law has a role; 
as does the online community 
and individual users.

It is now time for each 
to draw the line :)

01 October 2015

Creative Juice

Our creative juice 
flows more freely 
when we are at rest 
because that is 
when our subconscious brain 
thinks most creatively :)

Give and Lead

"Giving of thanks, 
lead a quiet and peaceable life 
in all godliness and honesty."  

~ Linda McDonald :)

30 September 2015

All In His Actions

"He's not big on words, it's all in his actions."

~ Lee Siew Chow on her son, Tan Chin Hoe, 
who postpones his university education to take care of his family.


“Let us be grateful 
to the people 
who make us happy; 
they are the charming gardeners 
who make our souls blossom.” 

Marcel Proust :)


There were so many eyeballs to this blog from
The Singapore Daily yesterday :)

Thank you so much for this shout-out!

29 September 2015


“Let us treat others with the same passion and compassion with which we want to be treated. Let us seek for others the same possibilities which we seek for ourselves. Let us help others to grow, as we would like to be helped ourselves. In a word, if we want security, let us give security; if we want life, let us give life; if we want opportunities, let us provide opportunities. The yardstick we use for others will be the yardstick which time will use for us.” 

~ Pope Francis :)