12 February 2016

Wonderful Complexity

There are so many layers now; 
such a deep, 
wonderful complexity 
about how she makes me feel 
when I see her :)

11 February 2016


 heart emoticonTo love and be loved heart emoticon

The Present Moment

"She felt that 

she wanted to enclose 

the present moment; 

to make it stay; 

to fill it fuller 

and fuller, 

with the past, 

the present 

and the future, 

until it shone, 

whole, bright, 

deep with understanding."

~Virginia Woolf, from The Years :)

10 February 2016


"In the right light,
at the right time,
everything is extraordinary."

~ Aaron Rose :)


"Sensitivity is a sign of life.
Better hurt than hardened.
I respect those who keep their hearts open
when it is most difficult,
those who refuse to keep their armor on
any longer than they have to,
those who recognise the courage
at the heart of vulnerability.
After all, the open-hearted
will inherit the earth."

~ Jeff Brown :)

09 February 2016


is mostly an anonymous tale,
played out privately everyday
across the planet
by extraordinary people
whose names
we just do not know :)

08 February 2016

Map For Our Soul

"We are capable
of turning the lemons
life throws at us
into lemonade.
When we develop
a map for our soul,
we will discover
the part of us
that loves life,
the part of us
that is analytical,
capable and responsible,
as well as
the part of us
that is principled, idealistic
and able to serve society
with selflessness."

~ Li Ka-shing :)

07 February 2016


"We could control
apathy and dependency
by being disciplined
in our conversations,
commitments and goals.

Not only was
this mindset empowering,
it can build up trust;
and our character will exude
discipline, order and humility."

~ Li Ka-shing :)

06 February 2016

Every Individual

"Every individual is unique
and endowed with talents
and experiences that
will determine
his or her destiny.
We should not follow blindly
in another's footsteps,
but lessons learned from the
experience of others
can be invaluable."

~ Li Ka-shing :)

05 February 2016

Just When

"Just when we think
we have lived long enough
to see everything under the sun,
something comes along that
we cannot begin to understand,
yet explain."

~ Li Ka-shing :)

04 February 2016

A Friend Who Cares

"The friend who can be silent with us 
in a moment of despair or confusion, 
who can stay with us 
in an hour or grief and bereavement, 
who can tolerate not knowing...
not healing...
not curing...
that is a friend who cares." 

~ Henri Nouwen :)

03 February 2016


"Look for Christ
and we will find Him,
and with Him everything else."

~ C.S. Lewis :)

02 February 2016


“As other girls hoped for 
handsomeness in a lover, 
or for wealth, 
or for power, 
or for poetry, 
she had hoped fervently: 

let him be kind.” 

~ Anais Nin :)


“No one can mark the moment 
at which friendship becomes love.” 

~ C. S. Lewis :)




The Grand Scheme of Things

"There will be times when you feel
your path deviates
and the world moves ahead

but take heart, young one
take in the sights and sounds
on the path that is yours to take
for we are all made to be
and one day you shall see
the forest in the trees
the sea in the waters
the sky in the clouds
the grand scheme of things"

~ Han Sheng :)


like water, 
flows to the lowest part.” 

~ Philip Yancey :)

A Winner's Back Story

"It was a
touching, redemptive story
about forgiveness
and a bid to terms with
personal tragedy
that just could not be
left untold.

The sensitivity in respecting
the personal grief and shock.

Speak unobtrusively and respectfully.

The tearful, touching meeting.

To help in realising
such moments
in the lives of others."

~ Joyce Lim :)

For Some Churches

“For some churches, 
maintaining a standard of hymns and pews 
has been more important 
than the changing world around them. 

Now we have to live with the reality that, 
all too many times, 
we kept our traditions 
and lost our children.” 

~ Erwin McManus :)

My Own

“I have my own soul. My own spark of divine fire.”

~ George Bernard Shaw :)


“Our hearts need to feed on beauty to sustain them. 

We need times of solitude and silence. 

We need times of refreshment and laughter and rest. 

We need to listen to the voice of God in our hearts 

as he tells us what we need. 

Sometimes it will be a bubble bath. 

Sometimes it is going for a run or a movie or a nap.”

~ Author Unknown :)



~ Fiona Quek :)


Work hard.

Stay humble.

Be grateful.

01 February 2016

Miss Me

"Miss me a little - but not too long
And not with your head bowed low
Remember the love that we once shared
Miss me - but let me go."

~ Edgar A. Guest :)

31 January 2016

Within My Heart

"I hold you tightly within my heart
and there you will remain
until the joyous day arrives
when we shall meet again."

~ Author Unknown :)

30 January 2016

Memory Lane

"I often lie awake at night
when the world is fast asleep, and
take a walk down memory lane,
with tears upon my cheeks."

~ Author Unknown :)

29 January 2016

Being Alone

"Being alone in a place helps to balance me out. 

When I am alone, I just walk around 
and it forces me to spend time in my head." 

~ Alexander Wang :) 

28 January 2016

Live In The Present

Live in the present.
Not stuck in the past.
Nor projected into the future :)

27 January 2016

Right Now

What really matters is
what is happening right now,
not what happened yesterday or
what will happen tomorrow :)

26 January 2016

A Word

"There must be a word 
when we are reaching 
the last 10 pages of an engaging novel 
and we want to reach the end 
but we wish the journey would not end just yet." 

~ Lucilla Teoh :)


“Trust nobody. 
Always have 
our check 
and balance." 

~ Michael T. :)

25 January 2016

Seize The Moment

Seize the moment.
Appreciate the present.
Grasp our reality now.
Savour it.
Treasure life :)

Go Back

We tend to go back to who feels like home.

We tend to go back to where feels being accepted.

We tend to go back to what feels unconditional.

We tend to go back to whom feels non-judgmental.

We tend to go back to why feels being loved.

That explains why we always go back to read the same blogs,
play the same games, listen to the same songs. 

Just go back to the comfort zone :)

The Book

“Nobody ever outgrows Scripture; 
the Book widens and deepens with our years.” 

~ Charles Spurgeon :)

Not Every Christian

“Not every Christian 
who believes in 'traditional marriage' 
is full of hate. 

Not every Christian 
who supports the civil rights of gay folks 
is a Bible-rejecting defector. 

Not every gay man 
wears glitter and drag in Pride Parades. 

We are not caricatures. 

We are people, and life is nuanced. 

Until we stop assigning stereotypes to each other 
and do the hard work 
of actually getting to know one another as friends, 
or at least human beings, 
we are going to sabotage every good, 
productive possibility in front of us.” 

~ Jen Hatmaker :)


“Something vague 
and half true 
and taken out of context 
and difficult to fact check” 

~ Hillary Clinton :) 

24 January 2016

I Love Everybody

"I love everybody.
Some I love to be around,
some I love to avoid and
others I would love to punch in the face."

~ Author Unknown :)

23 January 2016


 heart emoticonPopiah. Tiah tiah heart emoticon

In The Moment

We can live more fully 
in the moment and 
be grateful for what it is :)

22 January 2016

A Story

"The words make meaning. 
The meaning forms a story."

~ Xiaxue :)

Presently Have

Wouldn't we be happier people
if we could focus on life
as it is playing out now
and be thankful for the blessings
we presently have? :)

21 January 2016


Why is it so hard for us
to stay in the present moment
when it is often such a good place to be :)

We Write

"We write to taste life twice;
in the moment
and in retrospect."

~ Anais Nin :)

The Little Things

 "The little things matter, 
perhaps even more. 
Yes, we all love big gestures of love. 
But the little things are the ones done the most. 
The little things are the everyday things 
– perhaps, 
perhaps they matter more. 
Perhaps those little actions 
are simple declarations of love that we often miss, 
as they are not labelled as romantic 
nor deemed as grand.” 

~ Fiona Quek :)

Silent Ways

"I closed my mouth
and spoke to you
in a hundred
silent ways."

~ Author Unknown :)

Life Grows

"Maybe love is like rain.
Sometimes gentle,
sometimes torrential,
filling the earth,
collecting in underground springs.
When it rains,
when we love,
life grows."

~ Carol Gilligan :)

No One

"No one can tell 
what goes on in between
the person you were
and the person you become."

~ Stephen King :)

Always Felt Like

"What I loved most about us
was the way we could
lose ourselves
in each other
over and over
and still
never know the way.

You always felt like 
a place I had never been."

~ Author Unknown :)

20 January 2016

Just Let It Go

Stay aware 
and simply acknowledge 
as well as accept, 
in a non-judgmental way, 
each thought that 
comes into our mind, 
then to just let it go :)

19 January 2016

To The Present

Train our mind
to be still and
attentive to the present :)