25 October 2014


Laughter and jokes,
with careful observation,
at the same time :)


Everything, actually :)

24 October 2014


*"The whole group told her about her attitude and behaviour."
"I could sense it a few years ago. I kept quiet about it."
"You mean all this while you knew something had happened?"

*"Audrey at our age n gone through so much 
nd to know how to handle things right 
then only v can live happily"
"So true!"

Cultural Wisdom

There is a previously accepted cultural wisdom 
that has been lost in the modern age.

23 October 2014

In Moments Like These

* Tony and Mary are abroad now. Our former neighbour is no longer the Deputy High Commissioner in that particular country. 

* Hope everything is ok between JP and AN now. Even though JP is not well-liked by her peers at all, who are we but fragile humans. We do not wish her harm. We will not wish her hurt. We cannot wish her bad. 

* LO had crossed the rainbow bridge. Thank you very much for sharing so much of your life with us on Hatchlings. RIP.

“We are always saddened by the death of a good person. It is from this sadness that a feeling of gratitude emerges. We feel honored to have known them and blessed that their passing serves as a reminder to us that our time on this beautiful earth is limited and that we should seize the opportunity we have to forgive, share, explore, and love. We can think of no greater way to honor the deceased than to live this way.” Steve Maraboli 


* "What will you be remembered for?
What do you want to be remembered for?"
"Why so deep?" :)

* Deaf phone
Mute phone
Noisy phone
Dropped calls
Disconnected broadband
All the above occurred during the past three weeks to the home fixed line due to some wrong connections and a spoilt filter. 

* I have started a special section "In Moments Like These" to chronicle any encounters that have profound effects. "Snippets" will be reserved for sweet and short daily experiences. Enjoy! :)

Ripple Effect

The most mundane actions 
can have a ripple effect. 
We need to become 
more self-aware, 
to notice how even 
the most quotidian acts 
- holding the door open for someone, 
smiling at the grocery clerk 
- can change 
the course of the day 
by affecting how we feel :)

22 October 2014


 Fruit Tarts  


The smallest actions 
have the most 
profound ramifications :)

21 October 2014


Inclusiveness demands both
respect and maturity :)

Exclusiveness smells of both
selfishness and insecurity.

Which group would you
prefer to be associated with? :)

Find Our Place

* Find our place in the world
* How to be good human beings
* How to create a good society
* How to have a flourishing life
* How to have inner peace :)

In Moments Like These

Three of them wrote about 
academic arrogance overnight on Sunday.
Were they referring to the same person?
These four people are residing in another country.

Sometimes, just sometimes,
not everyone is inclined academically.
However, they are talented and gifted
in other areas in very special ways.

"The two sisters are very different," 
as mentioned and observed
by many people over the years.

I must always guard my heart.
I must always be grateful and humble.

The sun shines on everyone :)

20 October 2014


"Constructive conversation requires
both intelligence and wits." 
"Not everyone fits your description lah." :)

"Are you driving to work everyday this week?"
"Except Wednesday."
"HaHa! Very funny." 

* Wednesday is a public holiday this week. 

I No Longer ~ Meryl Streep

“I no longer have patience for certain things, 
not because I have become arrogant, 
but simply because I have reached a point in my life 
where I do not want to waste more time 
with what displeases me or hurts me. 
I have no patience for cynicism, 
excessive criticism and demands of any nature. 
I have lost the will to please those who do not like me, 
to love those who do not love me 
and to smile at those who do not want to smile at me. 
I no longer spend a single minute on those 
who lie or want to manipulate. 
I have decided not to coexist anymore 
with pretense, hypocrisy, 
dishonesty and cheap praise. 
I do not tolerate selective erudition 
nor academic arrogance. 
I do not adjust either to popular gossiping. 
I hate conflict and comparisons. 
I believe in a world of opposites 
and that is why I avoid people with rigid 
and inflexible personalities. 
In friendship I dislike 
the lack of loyalty and betrayal. 
I do not get along 
with those who do not know 
how to give a compliment 
or a word of encouragement. 
Exaggerations bore me 
and I have difficulty accepting those 
who do not like animals. 
And on top of everything, 
I have no patience for anyone 
who does not deserve my patience.” 

~ Meryl Streep :)

In Moments Like These

"Move one side," she said in Mandarin.
Neither "please" was mentioned 
nor a friendly tone was used. 

I was shocked.
I was appalled. 
I was there first;
only a few seconds earlier.

She could have waited for her turn
to look at the very lovely household items.
The place was not crowded at all then.

Fortunately, I recognised who she was
before I opened my mouth. 
For the greater good 
of my dearest and nearest,
I kept my silence and walked away.

This incident happened three Mondays ago.

Her identity will forever remain a secret
between I, me and myself :)

19 October 2014


Both of us love 
to chit-chat 
on womanly topics. 
She has two sons. 
Thus, she has no one 
to share with at home. 
She converses in Mandarin. 


"All disagreements 
are not petty. 
Sometimes disagreements 
are about big things, 
and it is an actual privilege 
to take a side in them." 

~ Author Unknown :)

18 October 2014


  Fried Rice  


By then, the cows would have reached home :)

More Important

"Succumbing to uplift, 
edification and happy talk 
is basically saying that 
there is something 
more important than 
telling the truth: 
not making enemies, 
not hurting people's feelings."

~ Author Unknown :)

17 October 2014


"How is ur Mom?"

This question means a lot to me.
It means all is well now :)


"Pretending that false 
and ugly things 
do not exist 
is a bit delusional."

~ Khoo W.F. :)

16 October 2014


"Awww... Your grandson is so cute, Lieve Zus." :)
"Yeahhh! He's such a cutie pie, Lieve Zus." :-)


"People who advance 
controversial notions 
should be prepared 
for controversy."

~ Author Unknown :)

15 October 2014


"It's a win-win for everyone."
"Very good." :)

Intellectual Life

"If one feels that 
a value or a belief 
or a form that 
one cherishes 
has been reduced, 
one should rise 
to its defence. 
In intellectual 
and literary life, 
where the stakes 
may be quite high, 
manners must never 
be the primary consideration." 

~ Rebecca West :)

14 October 2014


Finally, posted the Deepavali greeting card 
to a friend who stays 6215km away :)

Duty of Harsh Criticism

"An intellectual 
has a solemn obligation 
to speak out negatively 
against ideas or books 
that he believes 
will have a misleading effect 
upon people's understanding 
of important things. 
To do otherwise 
would be cowardly 
and irresponsible." 

~Rebecca West :)

13 October 2014


"My ears are made in such a way..."
"How about manufactured in such a way?"
"Ya hor?" :D


  Quotes by 2014 Nobel Peace prize winner Malala Yousafzai:
  1. "One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen, can change the world." --From a speech given to the UN Youth Assembly, just nine months after her attempted assassination.
  2. "When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful." --From a speech at Harvard in September 2013.

12 October 2014


New phone for the land line at home.
Finger is healed :)

At The Beginning

"At the beginning, 
I experienced writing 
as a sort of constraint. 
Starting so young 
as a writer is pitiable, 
it is beyond your powers, 
you have to lay bare things 
that are very heavy, 
and you don't have 
the means for that. 
When I recently looked 
at my early manuscripts, 
I was struck 
by the absence of space, 
of breathing room. 
I have always felt like 
I have been writing 
the same book 
for the past 45 years." 

~ 2014 Nobel Literature prize winner Patrick Modiano :)

11 October 2014


 To love and be loved  

Special Ways

'There are a million different special ways to say “I love you” 

Thank you for today.
Watch your step.
Get some rest.

We just gotta listen.'

~ Author Unknown :)

10 October 2014


"Hello, Auntie."

Who was he?
A gentleman in his 30s.
He greeted me in the neighbourhood mall.
He saw me from afar with a smile.
He must have recognised the wrong person.
Most probably he is wondering about the encounter too.

I don't know him.
I didn't ask him.
I just walked on.

Bambi Rule

If we can't say something nice, 
don't say nothing at all :)

09 October 2014


"It's about time both of you 
bump into each other again."

"Yes, we did. 
Last Friday.
The person had aged a lot."

Baker Talent

It sells the most delicious 
custard buns at 80cents each.

The bakery is situated in 
Serangoon Central; 
same row as Singapore Post :)

08 October 2014


 Wheatgrass luo han tea. Tiah tiah  


"I am the kind of girl 
who doesn’t need 
a long list of friends to show off. 
I am the kind of girl 
who doesn’t need 
many people to keep her happy. 
I just need 
a few genuine friends 
who love me 
just the way I am 
and appreciate 
and value the time 
I spend with them. 
I don’t need 
to be surrounded 
by a network of people 
but I wish to cherish 
just a few relationships 
which are true, honest, 
deep and pure. 
I just need 
a handful of people 
who understand me 
and with whom 
I can share 
an extraordinary 
and special bond 
that lasts an entire lifetime." 
~ Author Unknown :)

07 October 2014


I'm known as
Ah Girl Girl de Mama
to our hairstylist over the phone :)


Let go of past judgments. 
Walk into each encounter 
leaving the history at the door. 
Do not hold past injustices 
over anyone's head. 
Be open to whatever good 
might come out 
of an interaction :)

06 October 2014


  Jiak nyonya kuih. Tiah tiah  


People love 
to share their stories. 
So give them the opportunity. 
Get ready for our conversation 
with each person :)

05 October 2014


 Cutie Big Auntie is meeting you very soon  


Decisiveness and reliability 
are very important factors 
in every situation :)

04 October 2014


"Mummy feed me later. I want to see Auntie first."
Awww... my little, cute 3-year-old Indian neighbour
told her mother as I walked past their home :)


"Something has really been bothering me lately. I am utterly amazed at how people have changed. How they have become so self-centered and uncaring, so ungrateful but greedy, so spiteful and vengeful. I don't get it. Used to, people did for others expecting nothing in return. They did out of the goodness of their hearts. They would never do anything to intentionally hurt someone, they considered the other person's feelings and thought before they spoke. Social media has put a monitor between people. We all look at the world now on a screen and that screen doesn't have feelings. So some think. There is a saying, 'What would God do?' Well, he would never be unkind or selfish, never greedy or jealous, never uncaring and self-centered. God gave his only Son to save the world so why is it that we can't try and behave in the same manner as God? Why have we, as a society turned on each other, become mean, concerned only about 'me' and personal gain? God doesn't like that. We are to 'Do unto other's as you would have them do unto you.' So if we want people to be nice to us? Be nice to them. If we want people to be happy for us? Be happy for them. If we want people to respect us? Then respect them. It's really quite simple. Life is way too short to see how mad we can make someone, how we can hurt someone, how we can spite someone, how we can not consider someone else in our actions and decisions. We are none perfect but we are to strive to be. Passing judgment, wishing 'karma' on people, being unforgiving, is not striving to be. Actions speak louder than words and we can tell a lot about someone just by the way they act, regardless of what they are saying. I think we should all think on this. Remember, 'Never pass up the chance to tell someone you love them and never go to bed angry. Tomorrow is not promised and may never come.'" ~ Annette Samford :)

* This post, and 99% of the noon posts, was written last year. Cheers! :)

03 October 2014


Secured :)

Consistent :)

Protective :)


Consistency is 
much more important 
than a good 
but false first impression.
Just take a look around us.
Those who are more reliable 
had been very predictable 
in their character and attitude :)

* This post, and 99% of the noon posts, was written last year. Cheers! :)

02 October 2014


Received two surprise text messages before 7am.
Our hairstylist informed us that 
she will be outstation for the next couple of days.
One bank staff notified me of the new branch's operation status.
Thank you :)

Beautiful People

“The most beautiful people 
we have known are those 
who have known defeat, 
known suffering, 
known struggle, 
known loss, 
and have found 
their way out of the depths. 
These persons have an appreciation, 
a sensitivity, 
and an understanding of life 
that fills them with compassion, 
and a deep loving concern. 
Beautiful people 
do not just happen.” 
~ Elizabeth Kübler-Ross :)

01 October 2014


 PSLE Higher Chinese  

Yippee! Freedom! See all of you again soon :)


There are many things
which I chose
not to be vocal about :)

* This post, and 99% of the noon posts, was written last year. Cheers! :)

In Moments Like These

Read an email just before sleeping last night.
Received another news online when I woke up this morning.
My memory will be taking a very long walkathon today;
from Abkhazia to Zimbabwe and back :D

Please continue to be grateful and humble :)

30 September 2014


 PSLE Science  

"Actually you're quite nice to look at but nicer to hug."
"WEI!" :D

Love and Wisdom

I think 
this has so much more 
than just beauty alone.
We can see the 
love and wisdom 
in the eyes 
on the wrinkled face :)

29 September 2014


  PSLE Chinese  

Threw another fork away accidentally.


To continue,
we have to start again :)

* This post, and 99% of the noon posts, was written last year. Cheers! :)

28 September 2014


Her “Achilles Heel” is that 
she is too nice 
and too often 
just give in to people 
when she shouldn’t.


"Be open about our feelings 
- don't mask our emotions, 
even at the office. 
When we are willing 
to be emotionally honest, 
we can connect more deeply 
with the people around us. 
When we deny ourselves 
and we deny what we are about, 
people can see through that. 
Willingness to be vulnerable 
is very powerful for a leader.” 
~ Brad Feld :)

27 September 2014


Good bye to my 2001 Swatch watch.
Hello to my new colourful Swatch watch :)

Human Nature

While we are not naive
about the competition
for scarce resources,
the need for the rule of law
and the dignity of a place,
we also choose to believe
in the best of human nature :)

26 September 2014


 PSLE Mathematics  

"Whenever she eats there...
She has learnt to live with it.
I have learnt to accept it."
The doctor nodded in understanding :)