30 November 2015


We must have the good sense
and gracious hearts 
to speak only if it is constructive, 
and to do unto others 
what we would have them 
do unto us. 
This will reveal 
what we are made of :)

The More Humble

"This morning I was talked down like a fourth class citizen by one of the directors of the gallery because I am a nobody. But I chose to stay composed because I am way pass this phase in my life to be confrontational because raising your voice does not make you right. This week has taught us a lot. Maybe a little too much for you 2 kids, at this tender age to be emotionally crushed by giants, but that’s how ugly the world is sometimes. Kids, always remember people at the top have the birds eye view but at most times they will never understand how people move on the ground. And the higher they fly the harder they will fall one day. I am not saying don’t climb higher, but the higher we climb the more humble we should remain. And now I say we move forward. We are better than this." 

~ Claire Lim :)

29 November 2015


"Do not be critics,
you people,
I beg you.
I was a critic,
and I wish I could take it all back
because it came from a smelly
and ignorant place in me,
and spoke with a voice
that was all rage
and envy."

~ David Eggers :)

28 November 2015


When the world
seems to be falling apart,
when we humans
seem to be creating
a mess everywhere we turn,
it is time to rejuvenate
in the cathedral
of the wilderness,
away from humanity,
to rediscover our own humanity :)

27 November 2015


The wilderness
is a reminder
of our own insignificance.
We come and go,
but nature is forever.
It puts us in our place,
underscoring that
we are just
components of the universe :)

26 November 2015


The wilderness
is healing,
a therapy
for the soul :)


Happy Thanksgiving! :)

25 November 2015


"Now I am in a much wiser,
more centred place in life,
I think if we can see people
in our lives as chapters,
we have a much healthier
perspective about everything."

~ Olivia Wilde :)

24 November 2015

Do Best

 it is done
and finished,
so it is all right.
I am content.
It is all fine.
It now allows me
to do
what I do best."

~ Bernie Ecclestone :)

23 November 2015

Bigger and Better

If we,
at our age,
take this opportunity,
channel our energy,
grab our strong confidence,
hold onto our honesty,
embrace our determination
and practise all this in our lives,
we will be people with bigger hearts.

In becoming better people,
only we can have the last word :)

22 November 2015

A Step

Improvement is only born
from rigorous introspection.
Learning only arrives
from ruthless self-criticism.

In this regard,
by plainly decoding our failures,
by holding up a harsh mirror,
we have taken a mighty step.

A step towards
joy and happiness
triumphs and success
greater heights of access :)

For Me

"I forgive people 
but that doesn’t mean 
I accept their behavior 
or trust them. 

I forgive them for me, 
so I can let go 
and move on with my life." 

~ Author Unknown :)

21 November 2015

From Above

I am baffled by some of the daily noon posts
Again and again
Very often
More often than necessary
They reflect the happening around
Despite they being scheduled 
to be posted more than a year ago
What can I say
What do I say
Some discernment 
Some revelation
Some messages from Above

How Much

"How much weight 
can the good character of a shepherd be given 
if he is also a wolf at the same time?" 

~ Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Christopher Ong :)

Finest Persons

we cannot fool ourselves in life.
We cannot fake attitude.
Within the lines,
amid the brutality of observation,
the impostor is always revealed.

the only truths are
actions and promise.

The finest persons have always
embraced this idea :)

20 November 2015


The words hardly seem profound,
they are nevertheless remarkable.

In such a time,
words can be hard.

Hard to be spoken.
Hard to be understood.

words can reveal
a true person of mettle :)

19 November 2015

Refreshing Honesty

now and then,
a refreshing honesty
will leave us a little shaken
and a little wiser :)

18 November 2015


"Words can be like X-rays 
if we use them properly.
They will go through anything.
We read and we are pierced."

~ Aldous Huxley :)

17 November 2015


"It has thus been wisely said that the real tragedy is 
when men are afraid of the light, 
and if they choose not to come into the light, 
they do so for fear that their deeds will be exposed, 
as they surely will in time." 

~ Presiding Judge See Kee Oon :)

Honesty, Truth and Integrity

"But one does not need to be an expert in legality 
to appreciate certain fundamental aspects of 
honesty, truth and integrity." 

~ Presiding Judge See Kee Oon :)


"Teachers open the door
but we must enter by ourselves."

~ Chinese Proverb :)

16 November 2015

Close and Small

"I have stopped sharing 
so much of my personal life online 
and I keep my personal circle of friends 
really close and small." 

~ QiuQiu :)

15 November 2015

An Instant

Muffle the storm of information washing over us
and transport us to a different place
even if only for an instant :)

Early Hours of the Mornings

"It's been said that 
early hours of the mornings were made 
for feelers and thinkers. 
It seems these hours have become 
my favourite hours to reflect and write." 

~ Kitty Cheng :)

A Heart Like Ours

"A human being with a heart like ours 
knows what it feels like to be hurt 
that we would never do it back to anyone else."

~ Elisa Kim Huynh :)

Live with Love

"What other people think of us 
is none of our business.

The only thing that is our business 
is how we conduct our lives 
and we should be proud of that.

Live with love, generosity, honesty and integrity." 

~ Janine Roberts :)

14 November 2015


"If it's a flower, 
we know it, 
we like it 
and slowly we will learn 
how to grow it." 

~ Cherie Chung :)

13 November 2015

Precise and Concise

Contemporary writers
have increasingly been turning
to Twitter for a bit of a creative
and intellectual workout.
Short but precise.
Brief but concise :)

12 November 2015

Effects of Wealth on Individuals and Society

"As a person’s levels of wealth increase, 
their feelings of compassion and empathy go down, 
and their feelings of entitlement, 
of deservingness, 
and their ideology of self-interest increases. 

In surveys, 
we found that it is actually wealthier individuals 
who are more likely to moralize greed being good, 
and that the pursuit of self-interest is favorable and moral." 

~ Paul Piff 

Almost Magical

The juxtaposition was sometimes almost magical
sorry might turn up when a spot of grace was needed
laughter might snag the corner of our eye on a gloomy day
smile might erase the loneliness of a stranger
hello might bring some fresh air into a person's life
hug might reassure someone's presence in our lives :)

11 November 2015


 heart emoticon  To love and be loved  heart emoticon

Happier Person

"My wife is one of the most cheerful people I know. 
She takes the opportunity to laugh at everything. 

In fact there are few things in this world 
and few jokes in this world 
that can’t make her laugh.

She even laughs at herself 
when embarrassing things happen to her. 

Being with her… 
has made me a much happier person." 

~ Timothy Tiah :)

10 November 2015

Remember To Engage

There is a general sense of anticipation
as we are fed a narrative in tiny spoonfuls,
meaning we have to somehow remember
what came before
in order to engage with
what comes next :)

09 November 2015

The Sentences

We cannot skip ahead.

The sentences,
each delivered separately,
felt fractured,
but simultaneously
oddly lyrical,
as if one were speaking
in terse verse :)




Compassionate :)

Grow and Thrive

"Pay attention to the horizon line,
keep our path uncluttered,
tune out unnecessary noise,
guard our precious time


what we focus on
will grow and thrive."

~ Kevin O'Leary :)


“There is a comfort in knowing that 
we are sworn to each other whole life."

~ Author Unknown :)


"We are only given a spark of madness,
we must not lose it."

~ Robin Williams :)


"It is the questions that we cannot answer
that teach us the most.
They teach us how to think."

~ Patrick Rothfuss :)

08 November 2015

Between The Spaces

There is always something profoundly 
affecting about a sentence 
that says so much with so little. 
The possibilities linger between the spaces :)

07 November 2015

Some Who Don't

"I think I live a very fortunate life. 
But in the grand scheme of things 
I don't really consider myself very wealthy or anything. 
I just consider myself lucky. 
There are many more people who are far richer. 
Some who show it. 
Some who don't." 

~ Tim T. :)

06 November 2015

Doesn't Become

What doesn't become
might become the possible :)

04 November 2015

Sandflies in Coney Island

Be careful.


"What goes in our minds
will seep into our hearts
and finally come out through
our actions and words."

~ Author Unknown :)

03 November 2015


"Thanks to everyone 
for their overwhelming messages of concern. 
I always find it remarkable 
how people you barely know and see 
will reach out to ask about you 
while others you see everyday 
and who profess to be family and friends 
don't even bother." 

~ Tim Oh :)

Moral Formation

Is there is a need for a book 
on Ethics for the general public; 
something non-academic, readable 
and helpful for moral formation? :)

If yes, what would be the five topics 

you would like to see included in this book? 
This is to say that as an introductory book 
(assuming there is a need for one) 
we cannot cover every topic. 

02 November 2015


"Life takes you to unexpected places.
Love brings you home."

~ Author Unknown :)

01 November 2015

Live Responsibly

"I think people need general ethical principles 
and tools to then apply critical thinking 
within their faith communities 
to responsibly live out 
their called-out lives in secular society. 

Once we have a book of how-to, 
people tend to follow without thinking. 

What we need is a way to teach ourselves 
to reflect critically 
and make sound and wise decisions 
to live out our faith. 

I find people tend to be want to told what to do. 

But I think what they need 
is to learn to live responsibly 
as disciples of their faith. 

but strength of will 
to make ethical choices 
comes from having the mind of God 
and that means different things 
to different people." 

~ Maria L. :)