27 June 2016


“What we need more 
in church community 
is not more opinions 
but more men 
who show you 
how to live, 
not tell you 
how to live.” 

~ Judah Smith :)

26 June 2016

Have Chosen

"Up until now 
I have chosen 
not to dignify 
the false allegations 
with a response 
as it would just 
give them 
more oxygen." 

~ Cliff Richard :)

25 June 2016


 heart emoticonCookies. Tiah tiah  heart emoticon

Small Ideas

"A lot of small, 
emotional moments 
are hidden in 
everyday life, 
and it's about 
observing those things... 
When we have a routine, 
we notice small differences 
for me, 
those start small ideas."

~ Oki Sato :)

24 June 2016

New Homes

"It's a chance for me 
to find new homes 
for things I never use. 
I'm happy 
to sell these things. 
I've enjoyed having them 
and letting go 
is part and parcel of life."

~ Balbina Wong :)

23 June 2016

Blessed Enough

"I'm a collector 
and I love to buy things, 
but I don't want to hoard. 
I've done well in my career 
and at this point in my life, 
I ought to give some back. 
I'm by no means a billionaire, 
but I'm blessed enough 
to come this far, 
so I should help others." 

~ Balbina Wong :)

22 June 2016


"Grace is thoughtful. It considers a back-story, an upbringing, the entire person, and not just a tiny single slice of their life.

Grace brings wholeness to a hasty judgement; it regards my own flaws first, in light of the grace I’ve also been given.

Grace brings what could be instead of what should have been. Grace covers my past and empowers my future. It does not condemn nor condone, but convicts and re-creates.

Grace confronts the worst of a person and does not shy away from surgical rebuke: because at our worst, we realize how much we must confront the ugliness inside. But grace restores there, in the wreckage. It is always healing the fractured fallen weary sinner. It is not what we deserve, but what we need: and God saw what we deserved, but gave us what we needed instead. That’s grace. Love unconditional, undeserved, unrelenting."

~ J.S. :)

21 June 2016

Be The One

“Be the one 
who nurtures 
and builds. 
Be the one 
who has an understanding 
and forgiving heart. 
Be the one 
who looks for 
the best in people. 
Leave people better 
than you found them.”

~ Marvin J.A. :)

20 June 2016


like us all,
I will discard 
- transcend 
- my packaging. 
It would comfort me 
to know that people 
can look beyond it 
right now :)

19 June 2016

Special Moment

People are leading faster 
and faster-paced lives 
and feel that any moment, 
especially a special moment, 
is more than ever 
just a fleeting pleasure 
that will be gone 
in a heartbeat. 
We want to crystallise 
the memory :)

18 June 2016


"I'm not ready 
to write a memoir yet. 
There are things 
that are too difficult 
to get right. 
There are quandaries 
I haven't resolved 
so I think it would be 
a little difficult 
to write an autobiography." 

~ Catherine Lim :)

17 June 2016


“The words we say 
carry more weight 
than we know, 
and to some, 
they may weigh more 
than they can handle. 
Be kind, 
speak with purpose 
and clarity, 
always with the intent 
to help those around us grow." 

~ Author Unknown :)

16 June 2016


“Studying theology is like 
learning music theory. 
It means nothing 
unless it inspires 
us to play.” 

~ Jimmy N. :)

15 June 2016


“If we had to sum 
the whole of the relationship-driven methodology 
up in one word, 
it’s this: 
listen. Listen, listen, listen. 
It isn’t a model at all, not really. 
It’s just one action. 
And upon that one action, 
the whole methodology is based. 
To have a strong relationship with anyone, 
we must listen. 
Listen to the children when they talk to us. 
Stay right there in the moment and pay attention. 
Hear what they are saying as opposed 
to what we think or want them to be saying, 
or as opposed to thinking about all the undone work 
or what we are supposed to pick up 
at the grocery store on the way home. 
The moment we manage to communicate 
in whatever manner we find best, 
be it our attitude, our posture, 
our words, our eye contact, 
or that we are fully present 
and genuinely listening to them, 
they will begin to trust us.” 

~ Marlowe :) 

14 June 2016


“There is something in the autumn 
that is native to my blood –
Touch of manner, hint of mood;
And my heart is like a rhyme,
With the yellow and the purple 

and the crimson keeping time.” 

~ Author Unknown :)

13 June 2016


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“Life becomes more meaningful 
when we realize the simple fact that 
we’ll never get the same moment twice.” 

~ Author Unknown :)

12 June 2016

Wise Words from Mothership

"This sort of tiny put-downs, said with the malicious intent of making the other person feel bad, is very toxic and negative behaviour. I personally eject people like these out of my life."

 ~ Mothership.sg :)

Know and Understand

“You know so much about me 
and yet you don’t understand me. 
To know is not to understand. 
We could know everything 
and still not understand anything.” 

~ Antonio Porchia :)

11 June 2016


 heart emoticonTo love and be loved heart emoticon

Steady Wish

is not an affectionate feeling, 
but a steady wish 
for the loved person’s ultimate good 
as far as it can be obtained.” 

~ C.S. Lewis :)

10 June 2016

Quotes by Alan John

 "The details do not matter to those not involved 
and I left them out delibrately."

"A life seen clearly, told simply and felt fully."

"Living life fully and simply."


“In the company of one another, 
women are finding their voices, 
telling untold stories, 
and singing freedom songs. 
A movement is underfoot, 
a holy rumbling. 
And things will never be the same.” 

~ Rachel H. E. :)

09 June 2016


and even 
revolutionary ideas, 
which teach us 
how to live a better life :)

08 June 2016


"Always believe in what 
you know about me
and not in what 
you heard about me." 

~ Author Unknown :)