21 October 2016


“Children must be taught 
how to think, 
not what to think.” 

~ Author Unknown :)

20 October 2016

Surrendered People

“Great people do not do great things; 
God does great things through surrendered people.”

~ Jennie Allen :)

19 October 2016


“Our faith rests not upon what we are, 
or shall be, 
or feel, 
or know, 
but in what God is, 
what He has done, 
and what He is now doing for us.” 

~ Charles Spurgeon :)

18 October 2016


"A masterpiece 
is still a masterpiece 
when the lights are off 
and the room is empty." 

~ Charlotte Geier :)

17 October 2016


"It is not that 
we want everyone to like us. 
I prefer respect. 
If I am liked as well, 
that is a bonus, 
but the two 
are not always a packaged deal, 
and I am okay with that." 

~ Lauren B. :)

16 October 2016


What better time to do a post at 5am
when you think the world is still sleeping 
and you will be surprised to find 
someone had posted much earlier than me :)

15 October 2016

Quiet Places


14 October 2016


"We are tied to 
gravity and a clock 
while we breathe, 
but just where do 
our thoughts go 
when we cease. 
So much 
to contemplate." 

~ Suzie C. :)

13 October 2016


"It is a rare event for me to wear earrings.
To dress up.
If they were a gift.
Or if the moment felt right.

But I saw some the other day.
They were on sale.
They were simple.
So, I just bought ‘em.
Did not think too much of it.
Cause, well.
Everyone wears earrings, right?

It was not until I put them in did I realize.
Those holes are still there.
They have healed opened.
And I find it weird that I have
Open healed wounds
From years and years ago.
That I dress up and pretend it is normal."

~ Author Unknown :)

12 October 2016

Those People

I like those people 
we can joke around with 
and have so much fun with 
and then have a deep conversation with 
and it is not weird at all :)

11 October 2016


heart emoticonTo love and be loved heart emoticon


 heart emoticonTo love and be loved heart emoticon

It Is

“If a thing is worth doing, 
it is worth doing well. 
If it is worth having, 
it is worth waiting for. 
If it is worth attaining, 
it is worth fighting for. 
If it is worth experiencing, 
it is worth putting aside time for.” 

~ Jack London :)

10 October 2016


Have we ever just 
stopped and realized 
that if we had not met 
a certain person, 
our entire lives 
would be 
completely different? :)

09 October 2016


“Learn how to be a critical thinker 
without having a critical heart.” 

~ Sarah Bessey :)

08 October 2016


“I have decided to stick to love…
Hate is too great a burden to bear.” 

~ Martin Luther King Jr. :)

07 October 2016


"When we forgive somebody, 
when we are generous, 
when we withhold judgment, 
when we love 
and when we stand up to injustice, 
we are, 
in that moment, 
bringing heaven to earth." 

~ Rob Well :)

06 October 2016


“I’ve never really been tempted to walk away from my faith. And it isn’t because I don’t have doubts from time to time or feel deep feelings of disappointment occasionally. Many folks walk away for intellectual reasons. Some walk away because church folks act shitty. Others just don’t really find much life in it.

My mystical tendencies are such the first and third reasons don’t have much pull. If I were ever to walk away, it would be for the second reason: the disappointment that is the church.

In the end, it is the anarchist in me that holds my faith. Whenever someone tries to assert some crappy version of Christianity or I hear about a prominent minister royally screwing up or when I see folks evangelize in simplistic and contrived ways, the anarchist in me raises a righteous fist and says, 'PLEASE! YOU don’t get to define Jesus.' And in those moments, I recall all the amazing examples of the love of Jesus throughout history and let them shape my faith.

It is strangely amusing to me that my faith has, from time to time, been held together by a spiritual 'PLEASE!'.” 

~ Mark Van Steenwyk :)

05 October 2016


“Ideas excite me… 
as soon as I get excited 
the adrenaline gets going 
and the next thing I know, 
I’m borrowing energy 
from the ideas themselves.” 

~ Ray Bradbury :)

04 October 2016


What is happening? 
Is this the beginning 
of the decline 
of the place 
as we know it? :)

* This post, and 99% of the noon posts, was written last year. Cheers! :)

03 October 2016


“It’s a funny thing coming home. 
Nothing changes. 
Everything looks the same, 
feels the same, 
even smells the same. 
You realize what’s changed, 
is you.” 

~ Benjamin Button :)

02 October 2016

Everything and Nothing

“Everything interests me, 
but nothing holds me.” 

~ Fernando Pessoa :)

01 October 2016

Office Gossip

Even if we have resolved 
not to gossip about our colleagues, 
we can be guilty by association. 
When workplace gossip starts, 
excuse ourselves.

This will show people 
that we will not be involved 
in talking about others 
behind their backs 
and that they can trust us :)

30 September 2016


“I do not trust words. 
I even question actions. 
But I never doubt patterns.”

~ Derrick Jaxn :)

29 September 2016

Beauty Resides In The Journey

"There’s an ebb and flow to life that’s out of our control. We can try to hold onto Summer with all our might and delay the onset of the cold… but we cannot hold back the frost we cannot hinder Summer from the continuation of its journey. Time passes with no man’s help or hindrance. 

Many of us spend time counting down the days until such and such happens, or until this season passes… we dream of what could happen, good or bad… We obsess over what is ‘not yet’ and by doing so, we miss the beauty of the ‘now’. 

Beauty resides in the journey and its the journey that makes the destination beautiful. Keep on moving. Learn and grow. Take time to appreciate the moment. Allow the moments of awe and wonder to fill you with grace and humility, strengthening you for the seasons ahead.”

~ Author Unknown :)

28 September 2016

Live The Present

“God is not tired 
of forgiving us. 
Whatever we have done, 
it is forgiveable. 
Accept the truth of this, 
and live the present 
the way we wish 
we had lived the past.” 

~ Unka Glen :)

27 September 2016

The Moment

"Take time to appreciate the moment. 
Allow the moments of awe and wonder 
to fill us with grace and humility, 
strengthening us for the seasons ahead" 

~ Author Unknown :)

26 September 2016


"Beauty resides 
in the journey 
and it is the journey 
that makes 
the destination beautiful"

~ Author Unknown :)

25 September 2016


“I used to dislike being sensitive. 
I thought it made me weak. 
But take away that single trait, 
and we take away 
the very essence of who I am. 
We take away my conscience, 
my ability to empathize, 
my intuition, 
my creativity, 
my deep appreciation of the little things, 
my vivid inner life, 
my keen awareness to others pain 
and my passion for it all.” 

~ Author Unknown :)

24 September 2016


“I think the reward 
for conformity 
is that 
everyone likes you 
except yourself.” 

~ Rita Mae Brown :)

23 September 2016



22 September 2016


“God always 
makes two into one. 
It moves beyond 
human-made boundaries 
to utterly 
and renew 
that which is 
and alienated.” 

~ Richard Rohr :)

21 September 2016



20 September 2016

Real Keeper

"If a boy compliments you 
more on the way you live your life 
than he compliments the way you look, 
you have got a real keeper. 
Hold tight." 

~ Author Unknown :)

19 September 2016


As we seek Him, we find Him; 
as we find Him, we know Him; 
as we know Him, we love Him. 
It’s all for Him :)

18 September 2016

Simple Person

"I'm a simple person 
who hides a thousand feelings 
behind the happiest smile." 

~ Jack Neo :)

17 September 2016

My Posts

My posts are for my own benefit 
as I use writing as an outlet 
to document and organize 
my thoughts through 
my journey of living and learning :)

16 September 2016

What We

“Attract what we expect, 
Reflect what we desire,
Become what we respect, 
Mirror what we admire.” 

~ Author Unknown :)

15 September 2016


clouds :)

14 September 2016

Try It On My Own

"And I am not afraid to try it on my own
I don't care if I'm right or wrong
I'll live my life the way I feel
No matter what I'll keep it real you know
Time for me to do it on my own"

~ Try It On My Own song lyrics :)

13 September 2016

Recycled Wisdom

There’s nothing new here
— it’s all recycled wisdom mixed 
with my love for writing 
and communicating :)

12 September 2016

Promise, Smile, Grateful Heart

"Among the things 
which we can give to others 
and still keep for ourselves, 
are our promise, 
our smile 
and a grateful heart." 

~ Author Unknown :) 

11 September 2016


 heart emoticonTo love and be loved heart emoticon

Right Person

Falling in love 
is not a privilege 
falling in love 
with the right person is :)

10 September 2016


"The arrival of a baby 
gives everyone the chance 
to contemplate the future 
with renewed happiness 
and hope." 

~ Queen Elizabeth :)

09 September 2016


"Every time 
we smile at someone, 
it is an action of love, 
a gift to that person, 
a beautiful thing." 

~ Mother Teresa :)