21 September 2014


when verbalised 
and dosed 
with heightened emotions, 
can take on a life of their own. 
Words linger long after 
they have been uttered. 
Their intent may be forgotten, 
but their effects continue to multiply.
Be careful,
very careful with our words :)

20 September 2014


Intelligent questions.
Intense look.
Great thinker :)


It is easy to ignore. 
But they are human beings too. 
I wonder if they feel that
they are not given any respect at all 
because of their job scope.

19 September 2014


 PSLE Listening Comprehension  

Ladder of Inference

This term is used to 
describe how people 
can draw vastly different conclusions 
from different, 
limited or even the same set of data :)

18 September 2014


手牵手 一步两步 望着天 

"Hand-in-hand, step-by-step, we look up to Heaven" 

I google translated it. 
Yes, I'm illiterate in Mandarin. 

It was uttered by 17.5-month-old Baby Dash 
as written by his Mum Xiaxue on Dayre :)


People have a habit of looking
at a limited set of data,
interpreting this limited data
from their beliefs,
assumptions and experiences.
Drawing from them conclusions
that they verbalise :)

17 September 2014


Just had
some of the purest
and heartiest laughter
with two very simple ladies
this morning.
Just the three of us :)


Dread arises 
from the fast 
and furious poisonous arrows 
that have been shot 
from members of the public.

* This blog post was written last year. Peace :) 

16 September 2014


"What's ur magic number now?"
"Hee! Below 65 at last. 
Aiming for below 60. How abt yrs?"
"Aiyo! Don't ask! Shot above 75 again."
"What happened? Leave yr car at home lah." :) 


As the situation in the city unfolds 
after the violent episode, 
we cannot help 
but feel a sense of dread, 
but also a silver of hope 
for what is to come 
for the society as a whole.

* This blog post was written last year. Peace :) 

15 September 2014


"DS can feel the sincerity, 
or lack of it, very intuitively."
"That's right." :)

Right Lessons

We are hoping, 
and it is more important, 
that we learn the right lessons 
from this episode of violence 
in the city.

* This blog post was written last year. Peace :) 

14 September 2014


Smiles and laughter
is the common language
between an old Malay lady
and her young foreign female Indian neighbour.
Both of them are our neighbours :)


While we can understand 
there are festering grievances, 
it is not possible at this stage 
to say what part these feelings played 
in the explosion of random violence.

* This blog post was written last year. Peace :) 

13 September 2014


"I m 1 person once exit will nvr meet. 
Ha. Ya lah only w u kawan."
"Terima kasih, Kawan." :)


It is well known that
when a community harbours
an underlying grievance,
the threshold
for tipping into anti-social acts
is lower.

* This blog post was written last year. Peace :) 

12 September 2014


This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
I helped an elderly lady, who is a stranger,
to update her savings account book
at the self-help kiosk yesterday.
Upon seeing the available amount
I blinked my eyes to see clearer:

$1,3_ _,_ _ _._ _

She thanked me very sweetly
and then walked away modestly :)


It is a well-known fact
that riots are complex events,
often triggered
by some minor dispute.

* This blog post was written last year. Peace :) 

11 September 2014


 To love and be loved  

With All My Heart and Soul

“I am nothing special, 
of this I am sure. 
I am a common person 
with common thoughts 
and I've led a common life. 
But I'm loving another 
with all my heart and soul, 
and to me, 
this is always enough...” 
~ Nicholas SparksThe Notebook :)

10 September 2014


One of the rare times when
I bought 8 Days magazine
to read and enjoy :)


It was shocking
as it was unacceptable.
Whoever was responsible
for the damage
must be apprehended
and punished according to the law.

That much was clear
but many questions
are also crying to be answered.

Chief among them
was what led
to this outbreak of violence
in the city.

* This blog post was written last year. Peace :) 

In Moments Like These

Just read a note from SCM.
Then saw the latest photos of PL and her kids.
YL wrote on letting go and moving on.
My heart goes out to all of them.
Please take care (((HUGS)))

09 September 2014


"Lieve Zus! This is my Uh Oh! HaHa! topic! HaHa!"
"I know. I remembered you when I blogged about it, Lieve Zus. Grin!"

This Is The Time

This is the time
to take a stand against
ugly values
that sow dissension.

* This blog post was written last year. Peace :) 

08 September 2014


"Both of them are trying 
to impress each other 
despite not knowing each other."
"HaHa! So funny lor."

Anterolateral Ligament

Put a hand to the outside of one knee, right at the ledge of the shallow pit next to our kneecap. Extend, bend, stand, crouch, twist. All the while, picture this: Right beneath our fingers is a pearly piece of tissue, about 4cm long, helping to make all this happen.

take a step.
Take a moment.
Appreciate it :)

07 September 2014


Just one photo
and a friend
visited the place
for the first time.
Was the photo
so influential? :)

Official Numbers

Official numbers
will not always mirror
personal experience.
But that does not mean
the numbers are wrong.
Statistics are often more subtle
than they are made out to be.
That rosy income growth figure,
for instance,
comes with several qualifications :)

06 September 2014


It was just a simple exchange of greetings 
when we bumped into each other. 
Then we talked about the latest incident 
that had just happened in town 
which was widely reported in the media. 
Without any signs, 
she poured out her emotions and problems. 
I listened. 
I hugged her.


the unwilling, 
led by the unknowing, 
are doing the impossible 
for the ungrateful. 
We have done so much, 
for so long, 
with so little, 
we are now qualified 
to do anything with nothing.” 
~ Konstantin Josef Jireček :)

05 September 2014


There was a great leap in the number of new readers yesterday. 
289 from USA itself.
Hmmm... wonder why?
Very, very grateful.
Thank you! :)

Thank You

"If the only prayer 
we can ever say 
in our entire 
is thank you, 
it will be enough." 
~ Meister Eckhart :)

04 September 2014


Someone asked me to listen to this song 孤独站在这舞台. 


“True forgiveness is 
when we can say, 
'Thank you for that experience.' " 
Oprah Winfrey :)

03 September 2014



Mooncakes and pancake :)


"If I am walking with two men,
each of them will serve as my teacher.
I will pick out
the good points of the one
and imitate them,
and the bad points of the other
and correct them in myself."
~ Confucius :)

02 September 2014


"Sorry! Sorry! I didn't expect you to reach home so early.
I thought it was one of our five neighbours' children who knocked."
"This child's knock is very different and special, ok?"
"Ok!" :)

* There are five kids who like to knock on our main door as they walked past.
Hee! They like to play with us.


“Remember me 
and smile, 
for it's better 
to forget 
than to remember me 
and cry.” 
Dr. Seuss :)

01 September 2014


No matter what
some memories can't be replaced at all
they remain timeless treasures of the heart :)


"Have lunch with yourself. 
Sit with your thoughts 
and be okay with them, 
whatever they are. 
Love yourself whole-heartedly, 
especially in times of solitude. 
And when you think 
you can’t sit alone any longer, 
order coffee and a dessert." 
~ Author Unknown :)

In Moments Like These

Someone text-messaged in the afternoon yesterday.
The same person uploaded a photo in the evening.
There are many, many unanswered questions now.

31 August 2014


Yours truly had scheduled the daily noon posts for the whole of next year 2015. Hee! :)


We have to be fast, 
on the edge 
and alert all the time 
in our work. 
We begin to expect 
the same instant gratification 
from the rest of the world.

30 August 2014


 Please be safe  


Armed with a deep understanding 
of their customers' needs, 
an empathetic business enterprise 
will see opportunities 
ahead of their competitors. 
Empathy for customers 
fuels the long-term sustainability 
of the business enterprise :)

29 August 2014


December 2011

"Audrey, thank you very much
for sharing your observation.
We'll keep it in mind."
"I really hope that I'm wrong."


I'm very sorry to know
what had just happened
to a very good friend's family.
It pains my heart terribly
even though the signs
had been there since 2009

Kinder Society

Having empathy 
makes us a kinder society 
and determines 
how quickly we identify, 
and solve problems :)

In Moments Like These

I found my favourite beat of the song 
that had been ringing in my ears 
for the past few days. 
Enjoy! :)


28 August 2014


Heavy rain for two consecutive days.
Cooling and comfortable afternoons at 27C.
Bagus :)

I think I had overworked
Cool and cold days
No perspiration
So worked and worked
Now ache and ache
I'll rest and rest til
the next cool and cold days
Me is so funny lor :)


Many of us 
are cognitively familiar 
with the concept of empathy 
as being able 
to understand another person
by standing in their shoes 
and seeing the world 
through their eyes :)

27 August 2014


 I love you  

Empathy Deficit

"The biggest deficit
that we have in our society
and in the world right now
is an empathy deficit."
~ Barack Obama

26 August 2014


"How are your plants?"
"Plants? Gone. Gave away. Threw away."

Gardening used to be one of my hobbies... :)

Miley Cyrus

"She lost herself within the man that she thought she was going to marry. She lost herself after the weeks of not eating after seeing the man of her dreams walk out of her life, she lost herself everyday after he left thinking about him, torturing her mind. She lost herself when she was left to continue life alone, without the person she thought would carry her through life. Don’t tell me anything about Miley Cyrus, when you don’t know what she’s going through or how she feels. Because none of us do. I don’t know and I’m just assuming. But for you all to judge someone so quickly just by the way she’s acting, doesn’t mean she’s a ‘slut’ or a ‘whore’ or is on drugs. Maybe she’s hurting, maybe she’s asking for help in all the wrong ways. Maybe she’s so desperate for Liam to love her again that she’s making a fool of herself. I’m not saying what she is doing recently is okay, because it’s not and that’s sad. But I’m just asking for you all to think deeper, before you even question her. “Wrecking ball” is so emotional, it makes you forget she ever did anything inappropriate. I will always love Miley Cyrus. I will never stop being her fan and if she needed a hand up back to reality and onto her feet. I wouldn’t say no." ~ Author Unknown 

25 August 2014


Went to three places
by bmw today.
Enough exercise
for the rest
of the month :D

* bmw denotes bus, mass rapid transit and walking


"There’s a place in this world 
that we belong in, 
and to belong with. 
This world we live in is so big.
Sometimes we confine ourselves 
to this small tiny place in our head. 
There’s a place 
and a dream out there for me, 
I know it 
and I can feel it tingle on my skin. 
And in this coming year 
I’m making new resolutions 
to drop some things 
that have been a constant in my life. 
And in their place, 
new dreams 
and new places 
and new purposes." 
~ Author Unknown :)

24 August 2014


"Papaya not ready?"
"Papaya tree not ready, auntie. They from Malaysia."
"HaHa! Very funny hor, brother?"

Walking Away

"These days there are more 
and more things 
that I’m keeping to myself. 
Maybe I’m starting 
to think there’s no point 
in explaining things anymore. 
Through all these years, 
I’ve finally seen. 
And the easiest thing to do 
is walking away 
from negative people 
and all the bitter things." 
~ Author Unknown :)

23 August 2014


"Step by step I climb..."
"Whoa! You can translate from Mandarin accurately."
"Hee! I can listen but not speak well lor."

Technological Shortcuts

We use technological shortcuts 
for things from simple tasks 
like booking holidays 
and buying books 
to more consequential matters 
like searching for a new home 
or trying to diagnose our ailments.

But is the technology good enough 
to replace guidance 
from financial advisers?

Or is technology actually good 
for advisers 
because they can use it 
to do their jobs better?

22 August 2014


爱我的人和我爱的人 is the favourite song of some of my friends. One of them had just introduced it to me. Am I gonna be listening to Mandarin songs only very soon? :)


A calling 
transcends time 
but its impact is long-lasting. 
Going beyond the present 
can help us identify 
whether we are moving 
towards a vision 
or simply surviving the day :)

21 August 2014


"I bumped into SY's JJ today."
"Orh. Who else will you bump into tomorrow?"
"Don't know."


Try to read the signs. 
Sometimes when the idea 
of a possibility comes along, 
we will see little things 
coming together to make it happen :)

20 August 2014


"I bumped into JP's AN today."
"Really ah?"
"Ya lor. It's very interesting to do
groceries shopping with the lunch crowd."


Unless we expose ourselves 
to the significance 
of what we do, 
we may miss 
the bigger picture :)

19 August 2014


"They're stupid," said a lady.
"We must tell them directly," said a gentleman.
Both of them are answering the same question. Hey! :)


Personal callings 
are often solidified 
by the realisation 
that we are making 
a real difference. 
When we know 
there is more to work 
than a monthly pay cheque, 
each little task has meaning :)

18 August 2014


  Happy 100th Day!  

Many, many more happier days to come :) 

Loved and Loving

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” ~ Lao Tzu :)

17 August 2014


Jacob in House Rules.
Richard in P.S. I Love You.
There are too many similarities.


A calling 
is something deeply personal. 
Others can give input 
about what might inspire us, 
but at the end of the day, 
it is a choice we must freely make :)

16 August 2014


"IL flew to Korea again. But IH doesn't want to meet him."

"Serves him right. He deserves it.
He didn't treat her well at all."


If we want personal fulfillment 
and job satisfaction, 
aim for a little transcendence :)

15 August 2014


 PSLE Chinese Oral  

Your dearest Mummy has been WhatsApping and texting us. Everything should be fine. You're a very smart and diligent boy. We're always so proud of you, Boy Boy! 


The belief that 
there is more to life 
than the daily grind 
creates happiness, 
reduces stress 
and inspires greater productivity :)

14 August 2014


 PSLE English Oral  

Big Cutie Auntie loves you very much. Just do your very best (((HUGS)))


A calling in life 
is a sense of higher purpose, 
a sincere belief that 
we are place in this world 
for a reason :)

13 August 2014


Two strangers smiled at me. Hee!
A domestic helper.
A Jaguar driver who asked me to cross the side road first.


When a person uses the same excuse quite often, 
most of his contacts will not believe him anymore. 
Whether he is telling the truth or not, 
he has lost their trust 
and has gained a reputation 
as someone who is not trustworthy :)

12 August 2014


My favourite question lately:

"What would I do if the persons concerned were my favourite nephew and niece instead?"

I had been using this question to guide me along in different scenarios and situations in life :)

Calling in Life

We can have a job, 
or we can have a career. 

Or we can go one step further 
and find our calling in life :)

In Moments Like These

"We're only given one little spark of madness. We mustn't lose it." ~ Robin Williams

"This morning, I lost my husband and my best friend, while the world lost one of its most beloved artists and beautiful human beings. I am utterly heartbroken," Robin Williams's wife Susan Schneider said in a statement. 

"I can’t believe the news about Robin Williams. He gave so much to so many people. I’m heartbroken." ~ Ellen DeGeneres


11 August 2014


 Loving and lovely  

Soul Mate

“Finding someone you love and who loves you back is a wonderful, wonderful feeling. But finding a true soul mate is an even better feeling. A soul mate is someone who understands you like no other, loves you like no other, will be there for you forever, no matter what.” ~ Cecelia AhernP.S. I Love You :)

10 August 2014


It was a very innocent question.
"How are you today?" I asked.
Tears just welled up in his eyes.
"I miss my mother. I'm thinking of her.
Whenever I meet you, I think of her more."
He is a young lad from a foreign land
working in the fruits stall which I frequent.

Big Idea

Silence is the key to success :)

09 August 2014


Auntie MCLC had just uploaded many photos for everyone to enjoy :)

Noble Silence

Noble silence is an effective way to train ourselves in speaking mindfully and decently :)

08 August 2014


Who would have expected so much suspicions and questions
from a foreign land,
just with the change of a contact number?

At Rest

Up to 90% of a person's decisions are made by his subconscious brain. The subconscious brain does its best work when the mind is at rest :)

07 August 2014


 See you  

A big THANK YOU to your Dear Dear and the Aunties Brigade! :)

Fresh Ideas

Silence calms the mind such that its subconscious taps all sorts of areas in the brain to yield fresh ideas :)

06 August 2014


Belong to the same household in our neighbourhood :)
Brown jag SKH 292 B
Red benz SKP 292 J


Silence calms the mind and makes it more aware of everyone and everything :)

05 August 2014


 Love Love  


Silence is valued as golden. We need to be still in silence to be closer to God and nature :)

In Moments Like These

This is a translation from a Mandarin song. It is for my personal reading :)

Do not feel bad, I would stumble
Because I have learned in the gentle hands of flying
The sky began to yearn for the higher
Tie him down the line open
To high spirits
Along the way, many of the same desire
Life should not be a struggle is the time and growth
Understanding agitation dream
The original I'm not alone
Covered injury is a glorious medal
I cry just wanted to embrace the power of the sky
Select Never surrender
Free and easy to applaud
I fly confidently
I sing better than anyone else cool
Conquest wind barrier
With my youth wings
I fly confidently
I'm stubborn than anyone else
Subversive vision of the world
Hesitate to break
Color the sky is my only direction
Purely my faith
Singing the same strong
I fly confidently
I sing better than anyone else cool
Conquest wind barrier
With my youth wings
I fly confidently
I'm stubborn than anyone else
Subversive vision of the world
Hesitate to break
Color the sky is my only direction

04 August 2014


Two of my closest texting buddies are abroad now.
Please be safe.

I wish that I could share more but I can't.
Please pray for safety and journey mercy.
Thank you :)

 I miss you and I love you  

Good Deeds

Good deeds are prized over loose tongues. We need to practise stoic calm and keep our emotions and tongues in check :)

03 August 2014


She majored in both English Language and English Literature.
Her most favourite book is One Hundred Years of Solitude.

“Intrigued by that enigma, he dug so deeply into her sentiments that in search of interest he found love, because by trying to make her love him he ended up falling in love with her.” ~  Gabriel Garcí­a MárquezOne Hundred Years of Solitude


Writing at our desk gives us a chance to retreat far enough from ourselves and the world into our lives, to see the larger shape of it :)

02 August 2014


 My dearest beloveds  

Cupcakes and handbag :)