28 July 2016


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Being Quiet

"One of the risks 
of being quiet 
is that other people 
can fill your silence 
with their own interpretation: 

You’re bored. 
You’re depressed. 
You’re shy. 
You’re stuck up. 
You’re judgmental. 

When others can’t read us, 
they write their own story
—not always one we choose 
or that’s true to who we are."

~ Sophia Dembling :)

27 July 2016


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26 July 2016


"Appreciate those who love you. 
Help those who need you. 
Forgive those who hurt you. 
Forget those who leave you."

~ Author Unknown :)

25 July 2016


“With everything that has happened to us, 
we can either feel sorry for ourselves 
or treat what has happened as a gift. 
Everything is either 
an opportunity to grow 
or an obstacle to keep us from growing. 
We get to choose.”

~ Wayne Dyer :)

24 July 2016


“We too often care 
what others think 
about the parts of us 
that don’t matter 
and don’t listen 
to the opinions 
that speak of the parts 
that do.”

~ Wen L. :)

23 July 2016

Same Words

“We can say the same things 
but feeling them infinitely more 
through time only brings us back 
to the same words we had before.”

~ Joanna K. :)

22 July 2016

Our Stories

"Our stories are all so many things: 
Heavy and light. 
Beautiful and difficult. 
Hopeful and uncertain. 
But our stories are not finished yet. 
There is still time, 
for things to heal 
and change 
and grow. 
There is still time 
to be surprised. 
We are still going, 
you and I. 
We are stories 
still going.”

~ Jamie Tworkowski :)

21 July 2016

Be With Someone

“Be with someone 
who we do not have to hide from, 
in any way. 
Whether it is our morning face 
before we have put our make up on, 
an embarrassing story to tell 
about something that happened on our way home, 
or an ambition we have had since we were six… 
make sure we end up 
with someone who knows all of it 
and still loves us. 
A person we can tell our whole life to 
is a person worth spending a life with.”

~ Lauren B. :)

20 July 2016


"Life is what we make it,
always has been,
always will be."

~ Grandma M. :)

19 July 2016

Who I Am

"Please do not ask me who I am.
My whole being cannot be confined to words.
I am not just a body.
I am complete emotions and memories
and scents and places.
I am a galaxy with stardust in my crevasses.
While the storms are vicious
and earthquakes are deep,
the world within myself has held worse.
I am not just a person.
I am a world held together by bones.
I am an adventure restricted by skin."

~ Author Unknown :)

18 July 2016


"Weak people revenge.
Strong people forgive.
Intelligent people ignore."

~ Author Unknown :)

17 July 2016


"Sometimes we just need someone.
It doesn't matter who it is.
Just someone to remind us 
what it is like to live in a moment,
and feel something before we walk away."

~ R. M. Drake :)

16 July 2016

Nice But Not Stupid

"I'm nice to forgive you but
I'm not stupid to trust you again."

~ Author Unknown :)

15 July 2016

Being Honest

“Being honest may not 
get us a lot of friends 
but it will always get us 
the right ones.”

~ John Lennon :)

14 July 2016


“I think communication starts 
when words are not present at all… 
I think we put so much emphasis on language, 
actually silence is so much more important.”

~ Marina A. :)

13 July 2016

Taste and See

“We have been invited to taste and see.
Do not be satisfied to just believe and agree.”

~ Miss B. :)

12 July 2016

Scented Memories

"It startled me 
how a present smell 
could drown me 
in the past’s sea of nostalgia. 
Isn’t it strange 
how time 
keeps our emotions 
chronologically categorized 
in a file cabinet of 
scented memories?" 

~ Lauren B. :)

11 July 2016


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We Love

“My mom taught me 
one thing: 
We don’t always 

have to tell people 
we love them. 
We just have to 
give them no reason 
to doubt it,
through our 
actions and attitude.”

~ Julienne I. :) 

10 July 2016


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Need To

"There are oceans my toes haven’t kissed 
and lessons I haven’t learned. 
There are souls I need to meet and love. 
There are gifts I need to give 
and moments I need to live."

~ Lauren B. :)