23 March 2017


“The fact that 
someone else loves us 
does not rescue us 
from the project 
of loving ourselves.” 

~ Sahaj Kohli :)

22 March 2017

Overwhelming Gratitude

"We just need to remember that 
our sadness will be replaced 
with an overwhelming gratitude 
that we are loved; 
and that will be better 
than all the missed opportunities, 
and made up dreams that we had.” 

~ Lauren B. :)

21 March 2017


“As we get older
we start doing things in reverse. 
We start cutting people out from our lives. 
Our Christmas list becomes practically nonexistent. 
We don’t need to be the first in line for everything. 
We take less pictures 
because some memories are best kept in our heart 
and not our hard drive. 
And instead of looking for love, 
we dig for it from within.” 

~ Author Unknown :)

20 March 2017

Good Art

"Good art comes from 
commitment and perseverance 
not so much talent.” 

~ Solomon Ligthelm :)

19 March 2017


“I wish we could
see ourselves
with God’s eyes.
but still worthy 

of loving
and being loved.” 

~ Anne N. :)

18 March 2017


Action is the great bridge 
between intentions and results. 
All great endeavours 
and marvellous feat 
have one thing in common 

- consistent, relentless, focused action :)

17 March 2017


"The soul always knows 
what to do to heal itself.
The challenge is to 
silence the mind."

~ Caroline Myss :)

16 March 2017


"It is much better to be 
a smaller part of something big, 
than a bigger part in something small." 

~ Tjin Lee :)

15 March 2017

Stay The Path

"A great way for me to start the week and every day, I do this every day: pray for blessings for my family and friends, for guidance and direction and for removal of resentments, fears and doubts, to have them replaced with love, forgiveness, understanding and tolerance, faith and trust. To ask for blessings on those who do not wish me well and mean it, that God touches their heart and soul and grant them your peace just as you do for those I love. Thank you for helping me to stay the path and keep showing me the way. This is my connection with God every morning, it gets me through the day, it works and has gotten me through some tough times. Stay the path, connect with God." ~ Mike Hamic :)

14 March 2017

Two Different Young Ladies

"Aunty! Aunty! Aunty! :)"

A young lady ran out of her way to call me with a cheerful voice upon seeing me from afar in the shopping mall. I didn't recognise her at first. Then she told me she is my child's former schoolmate. She is such a sweet, young lady with impeccable manners :)

A few weeks later, I bumped into a former classmate of my child along a narrow path in the neighbourhood. She knows who I am. She saw me. She looked at me from head to toe. Then she looked away without even a faint smile on her lips as we walked along the narrow path. This reflects on her own upbringing by her father who is a pastor as well as her mother who freelances as a florist and whom I had helped a few times before.

13 March 2017


225 days since the message was sent
on 01 August 2016
why bother to read it only today

Who Is She?

She had asked me to help her with the floral arrangement for a few church weddings and some weekend services. Each time she would inform me one day earlier. Each time she would call again on the day itself to remind me about the appointed time, but every time, she was late by half-an-hour, without any apology nor explanation, even though she stays nearby.

Since I prefer to volunteer on a regular basis instead of last-minute ad hoc arrangement, as it disrupts my daily routine, I asked her about the floral team in church. She said that she had enough members in it. Okay.

One day, the Senior Pastor announced that the floral team required new regular helpers for the year. I approached her immediately again. However, she said that they have enough volunteers. Fine.

A few weeks later, she called me. I told her off assertively "You remember me only when you need my free help. I won't assist you anymore. Good bye!"

Some tips for her freelance floral business: Always, always make the bridal bouquet according to the wish of the bride. Always, always stick to the chosen colour theme selected by the bridal couple.

Why did she change the pattern of the bridal bouquet for some brides without their permission? Why did she change the colour theme of the floral decoration in church for some of the bridal couples without their consent? It was their big day and not hers. They had paid for the flowers and her service.

No wonder, the Senior Pastor had mentioned during a dedication service that the particular floral team is a place for different personalities to learn to work together :)

12 March 2017

Communication Style

We develop different types of communication 
based on our life experiences. 
Our particular style 
has probably become so ingrained 
that we are not even clearly aware of it :)

11 March 2017


“We are deserving of the 
most pure, 
and authentic love. 
I hope you know that.” 

~ Lauren B. :)

10 March 2017


"I appreciate people 
that are patient with me 
while I’m distant 
and trying to figure myself out." 

~ Lauren B. :)

09 March 2017


"I’m learning to not hold myself 
to a standard that only magnifies 
insecurity and sharpens vanity. 
I’m learning how to stop living 
in captivity to the opinions of other.” 

~ L. Britt :)

08 March 2017


“It is much more common 
for a person to appear 
to have character 
because he always acts 
in accord with his temperament, 
rather than because 
he always acts 
in accord with his principles.” 

~ Friedrich Nietzsche :)

07 March 2017


“Refusing to gossip 
is a beautiful decision to make. 
It creates richer friendships." 

~ Lysa TerKeurst :)

06 March 2017


“I think all we really want is for 
somebody to understand us completely 
without having to explain ourselves” 

~ Lauren B. :)

05 March 2017


Set ourselves up 
for success.
One area, 
one step, 
one goal 
at a time :)

04 March 2017


“The cleverest of all, 
in my opinion, 
is the man 
who calls himself 
a fool at least 
once a month.” 

~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky :)

03 March 2017


“Accept what life offers us 
and try to drink from every cup. 
All wines should be tasted; 
some should only be sipped, 
but with others, 
drink the whole bottle.” 

~ Paulo Coelho :)

02 March 2017


A beautiful lesson in 
listening to other people's stories. 
In opening their hearts, 
they received gifts 
that can't be bought :)

01 March 2017


“After nourishment, 
shelter and companionship, 
stories are the thing 
we need most in the world.” 

~ Phillip Pullman :)

28 February 2017


"I believe that 
encountering God 
is the beginning of 
freedom, healing, 
and fulfillment, 
and I desire this 
for everyone." 

~ L. Britt :)

27 February 2017


“I want to cultivate 
a deep sense of gratitude, 
of groundedness, 
of enough, 
even while I’m longing 
for something more. 
The longing 
and the gratitude, 
I’m practising believing that 
God knows more than I know, 
that he sees what I can’t, 
that he’s weaving a future 
I can’t even imagine 
from where I’m sitting 
this morning.” 

~ Shauna Niequist :)

26 February 2017


“Words can be like X-rays 
if we use them properly 
— they will go through anything. 

We read and 
we are changed.” 

~ Aldous Huxley :)

25 February 2017


“We have to learn to say no 
without feeling guilty. 
Setting boundaries is healthy. 
We need to learn 
to respect and take care 
of ourselves.” 

~ Author Unknown :)

24 February 2017

Live and Love

"Live and let live.
Love and love some more."

~ Vincent H. :)

23 February 2017

Strong Women

“Here is to strong women. 
May we know them. 
May we be them. 
May we raise them.” 

~ Lauren B. :)

22 February 2017



21 February 2017


"Then it occurred to me how to win this. 
There is only one way.
I just have to be happy. 

Happy, and successful."

~ Wendy Cheng :)

20 February 2017

Common Sense

"We can only reason with people 
who have basic common sense 
and want to see common sense." 

~ Xiaxue :)

19 February 2017


"""Allow beauty to shatter us regularly.
The loveliest people are the ones 
who have been burnt
and broken and torn at the seams.
Yet, they still send their open hearts 
into the world to mend with love 
again and again and again.

We must allow ourselves
to feel our lives
while we are in it."

~ Victoria Erickson :)

18 February 2017


"The more chances we give someone,
the less respect they will start to have for us.
They will begin to ignore the standards that we have set
because they will know another chance will be given.
They are not afraid to lose us
because they know no matter what
we will not walk away.
They get comfortable depending on our forgiveness.
Never let a person get comfortable disrespecting us."

~ Author Unknown :)

17 February 2017


Everyone deserves dignity.

Everyone should also 
learn humility 
at the same time :)

16 February 2017


“When something bothered me, 
I didn’t talk with anyone about it. 
I thought it over all by myself, 
came to a conclusion, 
and took action alone. 
Not that I really felt lonely. 
I thought that’s just the way things are. 
Human beings, 
in the final analysis, 
have to survive on their own.” 

~ Haruki Murakami :)

15 February 2017


“Falling in love 
with ourselves first 
does not make us 
vain or selfish, 
it makes us 

~ Lauren B. :)

14 February 2017

Focused Attention

“The most desired 
gift of love 
is not diamonds 
or roses 
or chocolate. 
It is 
focused attention.” 

~ Rick Warren :)

13 February 2017

Very Good

What makes us 
truly happy 
is having 
very good people 
around us :)

12 February 2017


"Maturing is realising
how many things
do not require
our comment."

~ Rachel Wolchin :)

11 February 2017

Sincere Intention

"It’s really hard to give you succinct answer, 
because I think this can be done in so many ways, 
and I think the beauty of it 
is a couple’s eager and sincere intention 
to be a source of love and support
to and for each other." 

~ Lauren B. :)

10 February 2017


“There is a responsibility 
in being a person. 
It is more than 
just taking up space 
where air would be.” 

~ John Steinbeck :)

09 February 2017


“People inspire us, 
or they drain us 
— pick them wisely.”

~ Hans Hansen :)

08 February 2017


“Time can be slowed 
if we live deliberately. 
If we stop 
and watch sunsets. 
If we spend time 
sitting on porches 
listening to the woods. 
If we give in to the 
reality of the seasons.” 

~ Christopher Thomas Greene :)

07 February 2017


“You are like a song 
that I heard 
when I was a little kid 
but forgot I knew 
until I heard it again.” 

~ Maggie Stiefvater :)

06 February 2017


"I am also human. 
I have emotions 
when attacked first. 
I have opinions 
that do not please 
the whole world." 

~ Yan Kay Kay :)

05 February 2017

Simplest Things

It is the 
simplest things 
that make 
people very happy :)

04 February 2017


"The older we get,
the more we realise that
it is not about 
the material things,
or pride or ego.
It is about our hearts
and who they beat for."

~ Fiona Q. :)

03 February 2017

Learn and Grow

"We are not perfect. 
We have made mistakes. 
But we learn and we grow. 
With class." ~ Kay Kay :)

02 February 2017


“I’m very selective 
with what I watch, 
read, and dwell on now. 
Because I don’t want 
to live in my head. 
I want to live 
with real relationships, 
real people, 
real expectations 
and situations, 
and the messiness of life
—not the perfection 
of a fictional love.” 

~ Hope Fisher :)

01 February 2017


"Spending time 
really getting to know people. 
Sometimes when 
we forget about ourselves, 
a little magic appears." ~ Yan Kay Kay :)

31 January 2017


"Guard our time fiercely.
Be generous with it.
But be intentional about it."

~ David Duchemin :)

30 January 2017


“I dream too much, 
and I don’t write enough, 
and I’m trying to find 
God everywhere.” 

~ Anis Mojgani :)

29 January 2017


“It’s important to wake up everyday 
and remind ourselves
what we’re working towards. 
We create our own life, 
it’s not set out there for us.” 

~ Shay Mitchell :)

28 January 2017


“I’m not the girl in the book 
waiting for someone 
to flatter her. 
I’m the woman 
you come stand beside, 
not gaze longingly at 
from a distance. 
I’m flesh and blood, 
not a dream you once had.” 

~ Kat :)

27 January 2017

Be With

“Be with someone 
that requires us to grow, 
makes us forget our problems, 
holds our hand, 
likes to share, 
appreciates living, 
and adores us.” 

~ M. Zara :)

26 January 2017

Understand and Accept

"We're a conservative society, 
but everyone can have 
a place and equal standing. 
We try to understand 
and accept one another, 
with no personal agenda." 

~ Kang Ho Soon :)

25 January 2017


"Always pray to have 
eyes to see the best in people,
a heart that forgives the worst,
a mind that forgets the bad,
and a soul that never loses faith in God."

~ Author Unknown :)

24 January 2017



23 January 2017

Thank You!

“A sincere attitude of gratitude 
is a beatitude for secured altitudes. 
Appreciate what we have been given 
and we will be promoted higher.”  

~ Israelmore Ayivor :) 

22 January 2017

Love, Hope and Peace

"I've been open to friendship 
with anyone in any station or walk of life, 
from all religions. 
I engage in conversation with them. 
If we don't reach out to them, 
we end up neglecting them. 
We need to speak more words of 
love, hope and peace, 
instead of words of 
condemnation and judgement." 

~ Kang Ho Soon :)

21 January 2017



20 January 2017


“If I had to give you 
one piece of advice 
it would be this: 
don’t be intimidated 
by other peoples’ opinions.” 

~ Paulo Coelho :)