27 August 2016


Beauty is not about having 
a pretty face.
It is about having 
a pretty mind,
a pretty heart
and a pretty soul :)

26 August 2016


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Truly Powerful Women

“Truly powerful women 
do not explain 
why they want respect. 
They simply 
do not engage those 
who do not give it 
to them.”

~ Sherry Argov :)

25 August 2016


"Sure. We'll be there. Thank you. Congratulations!" :)

She answered me immediately even before knowing the date and venue.
Her answer reflects so much sincerity and warmth.
We're very touched and grateful :) 


I admire women 
who are effortlessly stylish, 
who laugh easily, 
who are genuinely kind, 
and who tell the truth about themselves :)

24 August 2016

To Know All

“Instead of condemning people, 
let us try to understand them. 
Let us try to figure out 
why they do what they do. 
That is a lot more profitable 
and intriguing than criticism; 
and it breeds sympathy, 
tolerance and kindness. 
To know all is to forgive all.”

~ Dale Carnegie :)

23 August 2016


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“The problem with glorifying 
the concept of self-acceptance
is the fact that 
there are parts of us 
that are unacceptable. 
I think what is more important 
is to love ourselves in a way 
that does not make excuses 
for the things that inhibit 
our ability to be a gift 
to those around us.” 

~ Lauren B. :)

22 August 2016


"I want to be beautiful 
Make you stand in awe 
Look inside my heart, 
and be amazed 
I want to hear you say 
Who I am is quite enough 
Just want to be worthy of love 
And beautiful."

~ Bethany Dillion :)

21 August 2016

I Look

think :)

20 August 2016


“This is self-love: 
to be honest about who you are, 
to know who you want to be, 
and to be intentional on the journey 
from the former to the latter.”

~ Lauren B. :)

19 August 2016

Be Thankful

“Be thankful for what you have; 
you’ll end up having more. 
If you concentrate on what you don’t have, 
you will never, 
ever have enough.”

~ Oprah Winfrey :)

18 August 2016


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"There's a satisfaction 
in making something 
with your own hands. 
When you make a quilt, 
it's something which is unique... 
it's yours and yours alone. 
Every artist's palette is different." 

~ Mrs Lee S.F. :)

17 August 2016


“Love is something that 
both parties need to work hard on. 
(But) I don’t think [a long-distance relationship] 
is something to worry about 
– as long as two people are really in love, 
they would see each other 
even if one lived on the moon. 

~ Christopher Lee, Fann Wong's husband :)

16 August 2016


“He may not be a 
conventionally romantic boyfriend, 
but everything he does for me 
feels very sincere, 
with the simple motive of making me happy, 
and that, 
to me, 
is very romantic.” 

~ Sonia Sui :)

15 August 2016


"I feel blessed 
because at whichever 
point in my life, 
I know 
there are many people 
who love me, 
like my family 
and friends." 

~ Angelica Lee :) 

14 August 2016

All My Heart

"I will use 
all my heart 
to love 
and to forgive." 

~ Angelica Lee :)

13 August 2016

Our Love

"A couple will definitely 
encounter obstacles, 
but to stay together, 
we need to use 
our love to grow, 
to support each other 
through thick and thin." 

~ Mrs Oxide Pang :)

12 August 2016


"I believe 
everyone around me 
are my personal 'Buddhas', 
helping me become 
a better person. 
So no matter what 
someone does to me, 
I see it as a test, 
and for me 
to do my homework."  

~ Angelica Lee :)

11 August 2016


 heart emoticonTo love and be loved heart emoticon


Share thousands of moments 
with someone 
whose presence breathes life 
into our soul :)

10 August 2016


Let ourselves grow, 
let people in 
and let them 
really know us :)

09 August 2016


"We have been slowly, consistently, willingly, molding to each other. Our love has been a process of learning and choosing selflessness. Our relationship works because we are not comparing ourselves to other couples. We know what makes us happy, we know what healthy love looks like and even though we do not always look like it, we are patiently building it together. We are no standard to imitate—we are just two simple people who want to stick together. And really, if two people are willing to love and grow alongside each other, they will learn the same thing that I have learned: happiness is the growing collection of past moments that are ushering us into the present." 

~ Lauren B. :)

08 August 2016

Small Clues

Paying attention 
to small clues 
can literally 
change everything 
that we 
can become 
as human beings :)

07 August 2016


is the hardest thing 
in the world 
to explain. 
It is not something 
we learn in school. 
But if we have not learned 
the meaning of friendship, 
we really have not learned anything.” 

~ Muhammad Ali :) 

06 August 2016

Our Lives

“I never have a clue 
of what is it 
but it must be emotions, 
that is what moves us. 
Whether pleasant 
or strong emotions, 
but something needs 
to move us 
in one way or another 
to leave a trace in us, 
and in our lives" 

~ Ana K. :)

05 August 2016


“We should not try 
to stop everything 
from happening. 
we are supposed 
to feel awkward. 
we are supposed 
to be vulnerable 
in front of people. 
it is necessary 
because it is 
all part of us 
getting to the 
next part of ourselves, 
the next day.” 

~ Cecilia A. :)

04 August 2016


is being honest about 
who we are, 
knowing who we want to be, 
and being intentional 
about the journey 
from the former 
to the latter :)

03 August 2016

Loving Ourselves

Loving ourselves in a way 
that does not make excuses 
for the toxicity that inhibits our ability 
to be a gift to those around us. 
So when someone or something 
bruises our ego 
or discredits us in some way, 
instead of letting that have any power over us, 
realize that we do not have to prove them wrong :)

02 August 2016

Someone Loves You

“When someone loves you, 
the way they talk 
about you 
is different. 
You feel safe 
and comfortable.” 

~ Jess C. Scott :)

01 August 2016

Truly Love Ourselves

To truly love ourselves 
is to decide 
the type of person 
we want to be, 
to hold ourselves 
to that standard, 
and to invite growth 
with much humility 
and gratitude 
through self-editing :)

31 July 2016

Held and Hold

"I held myself back 
for the same reason 
we all often use 
to hold ourselves back. 
It is too late now." 

~ Tim T. :)

30 July 2016


"Confidence is not ‘they will like me’
Confidence is ‘I’ll be fine if they don’t’."

~ Author Unknown :)

29 July 2016


“That’s why I’m talking to you. 
You are one of the rare people 
who can separate your observation
from your preconception. 
You see what is, 
where most people see what they expect.” 

~ John Steinbeck :)

28 July 2016


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Being Quiet

"One of the risks 
of being quiet 
is that other people 
can fill your silence 
with their own interpretation: 

You’re bored. 
You’re depressed. 
You’re shy. 
You’re stuck up. 
You’re judgmental. 

When others can’t read us, 
they write their own story
—not always one we choose 
or that’s true to who we are."

~ Sophia Dembling :)