28 June 2017

Tell Me


* This post, and 99% of the noon posts, was written more than a year ago. Cheers! :)

27 June 2017


We will wonder why we did not do this before
- just go away by ourselves for a while,
get back in touch with our essence :)

* This post, and 99% of the noon posts, was written more than a year ago. Cheers! :)

26 June 2017

Do Not Listen

Do not listen to
what people would not say
to our face :)

25 June 2017


far from being
an artificial construct
of civilisation,
is integral to our biology :)

24 June 2017


Never say anything online
that we would not say to
someone's face :)

23 June 2017


In a world without faces,
compassion is a practice that
requires discipline,
even imagination :)

22 June 2017


Emojis are an explicit attempt
to replicate the emotional context
that facial expression provides :)

21 June 2017


Through imitation and mimicry,
we are able to feel what other people feel.
By being able to feel what other people feel,
we are also able to respond to
other people's emotional states :)

20 June 2017

Infinity of the Face

From the infinity of the face
comes the sense of inevitable obligation,
the possibility of discourse,
the origin of the ethical impulse :)

19 June 2017

The Face

The face is the substance,
not just the reflection,
of the infinity of another person :)

18 June 2017


It is a dissonance we are all running up 
against more and more,
the dissonance 
between the world of faces 
and the world without faces. 

And the world without faces 
is coming to dominate :)

17 June 2017

Window-Dressing Engagement

Window-dressing engagement
is going to result in more
alienation and cynicism :)

16 June 2017

Good School

"While every school can be a good school,
the quality of resources is simply not the same
in terms of networks, school histories and exposure."

~ Vincent Chua :)

15 June 2017


The class we come from 
does influence our destination :)

14 June 2017


“We are not obligated 
to remain friends with some people 
simply because of a little thing called time. 

Time changes people; 
it sheds light on new friendships 
whose time has come to be.” 

~ Author Unknown :)

13 June 2017


Class plays a big role 
in shaping how people think :)

12 June 2017


The class a person falls into 
shapes his attitudes and choices :)

11 June 2017


“Before I met you, 
I never knew what it was like 
to be able to look at someone 
and smile for no reason.” 

~ Author Unknown :)

10 June 2017

That First Time

“Have we ever watched a groom 
when his bride appears for the first time? 
All eyes are on her, 
but the true magic is wherever that groom is. 

To witness his eyes light up, 
to see the emotions fall across his face. 
To be there as he fights 
to retain control of his feelings, 
as all men are supposed to do in that situation. 

But those first few seconds, 
we see the truth. 

We can see 
everything he feels 
when he sees her that first time.” 

~ Alice Clayton :)

09 June 2017


"Oh lah lah! My daily highlight."

"Simple pleasure."

"HaHa! Betul!" :)


“Not everyone has to understand us. 
Our mind is an intricate maze. 
The goal is not to get to 
the middle of the puzzle. 
The goal is to get lost in the beauty of us.” 

~ Lauren B. :)

08 June 2017

Earlier and Easier

“No matter where we are in life, 
we will save a lot of time 
by not worrying too much 
about what other people think about us. 
The earlier in our lives 
that we can learn that, 
the easier the rest of it will be.” 

~ Sophia Amoruso :)

07 June 2017


“When we are young, 
thunderstorms seem scary. 
Like the sky is angry at us. 
But now that we are older, 
something about its roar soothes us; 
it is comforting to know that 
even nature needs to scream sometimes.” 

~ Author Unknown :)

06 June 2017

Sacrificial Love

"What we’re actually called to is to learn to adjust to the reality of who that person is and who you are, and you must both work at this through sacrificial love. Only then will we experience the health and depth of meaningful relationships we long for." 

~ Jon Tyson :)

05 June 2017

Known and Loved

“To be loved but unknown is comforting, but superficial. To be known but unloved is our greatest fear. But to be fully known and truly loved is a lot like being loved by God. It’s what we need more than anything. It liberates us from pretense, it humbles us out of our self-righteousness, and fortifies us for any difficulty that life will throw at us.” 

~ Tim Keller :)

04 June 2017


When something doesn’t seem right, 
speak up.

When things get bad after you tell the truth, 
it still isn’t our fault :)

03 June 2017


“I don’t want to be apathetic because there is truth to embrace. I don’t want to be definitive about things that aren’t certain, but I want to be quick to trust. I want bright eyes and an impressionable soul that heals quickly when wounded and seeks understanding when offended. I want to notice. I want an invigorated longing for what is authentic, pure, and eternal. I want to admit when I’m wrong, and loosen my grip on things that stain. I want to be dedicated, but not lose the ability to be persuaded. And none of this can be done on my own accord. Fill my soul to the brim with beauty that is not my own.” 

~ Lauren B. :)

02 June 2017


"The best people to be around are the humble. 
It is the humble who have 
a genuine desire for growth 
and are conscientious in their efforts to improve. 
Do not ever mistake arrogance for wisdom. 
Wisdom is marked by humility.” 

~ Dave Lomas :)

01 June 2017


"To be beautiful means to be ourselves. 
We do not need to be accepted by others.
We need to accept ourselves."

~ Thich Nhat Hanh :)

31 May 2017


Be soft, kind and loving. 
But also take nobody’s shit :)

30 May 2017

Walk On

"I considered my options. 
There were only two 
and they were essentially the same. 
I could go back in the direction 
I had come from, 
or I could go forward in the direction 
I intended to go.
And so I walked on." 

~ Cheryl S. :)

29 May 2017


“The sign of intelligence is that 
we are constantly wondering. 
Idiots are always dead sure 
about every damn thing 
they are doing in their life.” 

~ Vasudev :)

28 May 2017

Spiritual Friendship

Spiritual friendship is marked by loyalty

- a commitment to the good of each other :)

27 May 2017


“If I don’t read, 
I get lonely. 

If I don’t write, 
I forget who I am.” 

~ Jack Driscoll :)

26 May 2017

Climbing Mountain

“Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, 
but all the happiness and growth occurs 
while we are climbing it.” 

~ Andy Rooney :)

25 May 2017

Loving God

Do not stop loving God 
because someone who claimed 
to represent God, 
misrepresented Him :)

24 May 2017


“Perhaps somewhere, 
someplace deep inside our being, 
we have undergone important changes 
while we were sad.” 

~ Rainer Maria Rilke :)

23 May 2017


“If we have love but not wisdom, 
we will harm people with the best of intentions. 

If we have courage but not wisdom, 
we will blunder boldly. 

If we have truth but not wisdom, 
we will make the gospel ugly to other people. 

If we have technology but not wisdom, 
we will use the best communications 
ever invented to broadcast stupidity.” 

~ Raymond Ortland :)

22 May 2017

Not Convenient

It is not convenient to love our enemies 
or to forgive someone who has intentionally hurt us :)

21 May 2017

Emotional Life

My goal for my emotional life 
is to remain both secure and impressionable 
so that I can walk in fullness and humility 
that invites personal growth and maturity 
so that I’m better equipped 
to love and serve others :)

20 May 2017


Has the rapid march of technology 
blunted the onset of loneliness, 
or has it merely heightened it 
in the case of those who, 
despite Wi-Fi access, 
suddenly find themselves 
without anyone to relate to?

19 May 2017


Invisibility reflects a sense of vigilance, 
a sensitivity to 
and respect for external conditions :)

18 May 2017

Immediate Landscape

Invisibility is about finding a sense of fit 
with the immediate landscape, 
be it social, cultural or environmental :)

17 May 2017

Becoming Invisible

Becoming invisible 
is a condition of insight and endurance, 
a position of strength and power, 
a matter of knowing how 
and where we can be best accommodated 
by the exterior world :)

16 May 2017


"As we get older, 
we have become more set in our ways.

We bear grudges more heavily 
and we are less and less inclined 
to forgive and forget." 

~ Author Unknown :)

* This post, and 99% of the noon posts, was written more than a year ago. Cheers! :)

15 May 2017


The elegance of the walking stick insect 
is a matter not just of its delicate frame 
and subdued colour, 
but of its discretion 
and grace as well :)

14 May 2017

No Excuse

Seniority in any hierarchy 
is no excuse for bad behaviour.
They should be role model for everyone else :)

* This post, and 99% of the noon posts, was written more than a year ago. Cheers! :)

13 May 2017

Natural World

While we make an eloquent argument 
for reticence and reserve, 
the natural world 
can be even more persuasive :)

12 May 2017

Silent Attentiveness

Silent attentiveness, 
rather than active participation, 
can allow us to absorb on a deep level 
the laws of social dynamics 
that go on around us :)

11 May 2017


Love is.
Grace is.
Mercy is.

God is.


10 May 2017



09 May 2017




08 May 2017

Staying True

"I feel that I have to stay true to myself... There's only so much I can tolerate without snapping. I do hold my tongue, as I will say something truthful and hurtful. I do turn away, as my expressions will tell how I feel... It would be great to be a nice and loving person all the time, but why do I have to suffer for being a nice person? If other are not going to bother about how I feel, making me feel suffocated, bottling up won't help me be a more loving person. So I'm just staying true to myself." 

~ April Gao :)

07 May 2017



06 May 2017


"Never try to mess up someone's life with a lie
when yours can be destroyed with the truth."

~ Author Unknown :)

05 May 2017

Every Couple

"Every couple 
have their little idiosyncrasies. 

They have things 
other people do not know about." 

~ Gavin Aung Than :)

04 May 2017

Each Verse



03 May 2017


“Teach our children
not only 
how to love
how to be loved.” 

~ Michelle K. :)

02 May 2017


"God removes our ability 
to judge others harshly. 

it creates empathy. 
It creates compassion.” 

~ Matt Chandler :)

01 May 2017

Do Not

“Do not ever mistake 
my silence for ignorance, 
my calmness for acceptance, 
or my kindness for weakness.” 

~ Author Unknown :)

* This post, and 99% of the noon posts, was written more than a year ago. Cheers! :)

30 April 2017

Lucky One

“If the person you run to 
when you’re happy 
is the person you run to 
when you need someone to lean on 
then you’re a lucky one.” 

~ Lauren B. :)

29 April 2017

What Matters Most

“Not many people actually ‘find themselves’ 
when they set out on particular adventures. 
Often, it takes small acts 
- like how we repeatedly treat people 
after having a bad day 
or what lessons we learn from our past mistakes 
- to really know what matters most for us.” 

~ Lauren B. :)

28 April 2017


"True to his word, 
the photographer took nothing but pictures, 
and left nothing but his footprints." 

~ Freaktography :) 

27 April 2017


"Never forget where we have been.
Never lose sight of where we are going.
Never take for granted the people
who travel the journey with us."

~ Loren Ridinger :)

26 April 2017

Very Simple

"Just finished an interview with BFM Radio.
I was part of a program where they pair two entrepreneurs up and get one to interview the other. I was paired with Jobstreet CEO Mark Chang who last year sold his business for $600 million. Was an interesting interview. 
He was a very simple man. Didn't wear any designer stuff and even had a simple watch.

After the interview he was rushing to the airport so I expected his driver to be waiting outside for him.
Instead he left in a taxi.
Someone so rich yet so down to earth."
~ Timothy Tiah :)

25 April 2017





24 April 2017


"The only people who are mad at us 
for speaking the truth 
are those people who are living a lie. 
Keep speaking the truth." 

~ Author Unknown :)

23 April 2017

Running Note

"Keep a running note of what works and what doesn’t work for you, what you like and what you don’t like, what you’re good at what you aren’t, the work styles that suit you and what doesn’t, where your passions lie and what leaves you cold. The chance of the stars aligning on these fronts in your first job, or even your first couple of jobs, is very low, so you’ll have to keep searching… so, rather than wedding yourself to an industry, instead shift your focus to gaining experiences and learning as much as you can, so that you can build transferable skills."

~ Sallie Krawcheck, former head of Merrill Lynch and Smith Barney :)

22 April 2017

Idea File

If we find ourselves often distracted by new ideas, start an idea file. When an exciting new thought occurs to us, put it in the file instead of acting on it right away.

Look at the file from time to time for inspiration. Whenever we complete a project we have been working on, we can choose something new from the file :)

* This post, and 99% of the noon posts, was written more than a year ago. Cheers! :)

21 April 2017


“If it speaks to our heart, 
allow space for that.” 

~ Mooji :)

20 April 2017


“I think probably kindness is my number one attribute in a human being. I’ll put it before any of the things like courage or bravery or generosity or anything else.

Brian Sibley: Or brains even?

Oh gosh, yes, brains is one of the least. You can be a lovely person without brains, absolutely lovely. Kindness - that simple word. To be kind - it covers everything, to my mind.

If you’re kind that’s it.”

~ Roald Dahl :)

19 April 2017

Powerful People

“Powerful people can be who they say they are on a consistent basis. And because they know how to be themselves, they invite those around them to be themselves. Only powerful people can create a safe place to know and be known intimately. They say, 'I can be me around you and you can be you around me.' We don’t need to control each other, and we don’t want to control each other. We can have a mutual agreement of respect and honor in which we both work to protect our connection. We stay tied together by the strength of the love we have built, not by the illusion that I can control you or that you need a rescuer.”

~ Danny Silk :)

18 April 2017


“I do not know how to be silent 
when my heart is speaking.” 

~ Fyodor Dostoevsky :)

17 April 2017


"Been a most interesting start to the new year. Made plenty of decisions and plans for what is to come and crossing my fingers that everything will fall into place. I think I have come to a place where I am quite certain about what I want in the things that will matter to me in time to come. Studies. Future job. Religion. Relationships. Places I want to go. People I want to cherish. Many of these insights are a culmination of things that have happened in these past 4 years of my university life. I have seen a lot. Learnt a lot. Felt a lot. Slowly along the way, things became so much clearer." 

~ T.H.S. :)