23 February 2017

Strong Women

“Here is to strong women. 
May we know them. 
May we be them. 
May we raise them.” 

~ Lauren B. :)

22 February 2017



21 February 2017


"Then it occurred to me how to win this. 
There is only one way.
I just have to be happy. 

Happy, and successful."

~ Wendy Cheng :)

20 February 2017

Common Sense

"We can only reason with people 
who have basic common sense 
and want to see common sense." 

~ Xiaxue :)

19 February 2017


"""Allow beauty to shatter us regularly.
The loveliest people are the ones 
who have been burnt
and broken and torn at the seams.
Yet, they still send their open hearts 
into the world to mend with love 
again and again and again.

We must allow ourselves
to feel our lives
while we are in it."

~ Victoria Erickson :)

18 February 2017


"The more chances we give someone,
the less respect they will start to have for us.
They will begin to ignore the standards that we have set
because they will know another chance will be given.
They are not afraid to lose us
because they know no matter what
we will not walk away.
They get comfortable depending on our forgiveness.
Never let a person get comfortable disrespecting us."

~ Author Unknown :)

17 February 2017


Everyone deserves dignity.

Everyone should also 
learn humility 
at the same time :)

16 February 2017


“When something bothered me, 
I didn’t talk with anyone about it. 
I thought it over all by myself, 
came to a conclusion, 
and took action alone. 
Not that I really felt lonely. 
I thought that’s just the way things are. 
Human beings, 
in the final analysis, 
have to survive on their own.” 

~ Haruki Murakami :)

15 February 2017


“Falling in love 
with ourselves first 
does not make us 
vain or selfish, 
it makes us 

~ Lauren B. :)

14 February 2017

Focused Attention

“The most desired 
gift of love 
is not diamonds 
or roses 
or chocolate. 
It is 
focused attention.” 

~ Rick Warren :)

13 February 2017

Very Good

What makes us 
truly happy 
is having 
very good people 
around us :)

12 February 2017


"Maturing is realising
how many things
do not require
our comment."

~ Rachel Wolchin :)

11 February 2017

Sincere Intention

"It’s really hard to give you succinct answer, 
because I think this can be done in so many ways, 
and I think the beauty of it 
is a couple’s eager and sincere intention 
to be a source of love and support
to and for each other." 

~ Lauren B. :)

10 February 2017


“There is a responsibility 
in being a person. 
It is more than 
just taking up space 
where air would be.” 

~ John Steinbeck :)

09 February 2017


“People inspire us, 
or they drain us 
— pick them wisely.”

~ Hans Hansen :)

08 February 2017


“Time can be slowed 
if we live deliberately. 
If we stop 
and watch sunsets. 
If we spend time 
sitting on porches 
listening to the woods. 
If we give in to the 
reality of the seasons.” 

~ Christopher Thomas Greene :)

07 February 2017


“You are like a song 
that I heard 
when I was a little kid 
but forgot I knew 
until I heard it again.” 

~ Maggie Stiefvater :)

06 February 2017


"I am also human. 
I have emotions 
when attacked first. 
I have opinions 
that do not please 
the whole world." 

~ Yan Kay Kay :)

05 February 2017

Simplest Things

It is the 
simplest things 
that make 
people very happy :)

04 February 2017


"The older we get,
the more we realise that
it is not about 
the material things,
or pride or ego.
It is about our hearts
and who they beat for."

~ Fiona Q. :)

03 February 2017

Learn and Grow

"We are not perfect. 
We have made mistakes. 
But we learn and we grow. 
With class." ~ Kay Kay :)

02 February 2017


“I’m very selective 
with what I watch, 
read, and dwell on now. 
Because I don’t want 
to live in my head. 
I want to live 
with real relationships, 
real people, 
real expectations 
and situations, 
and the messiness of life
—not the perfection 
of a fictional love.” 

~ Hope Fisher :)

01 February 2017


"Spending time 
really getting to know people. 
Sometimes when 
we forget about ourselves, 
a little magic appears." ~ Yan Kay Kay :)

31 January 2017


"Guard our time fiercely.
Be generous with it.
But be intentional about it."

~ David Duchemin :)

30 January 2017


“I dream too much, 
and I don’t write enough, 
and I’m trying to find 
God everywhere.” 

~ Anis Mojgani :)

29 January 2017


“It’s important to wake up everyday 
and remind ourselves
what we’re working towards. 
We create our own life, 
it’s not set out there for us.” 

~ Shay Mitchell :)

28 January 2017


“I’m not the girl in the book 
waiting for someone 
to flatter her. 
I’m the woman 
you come stand beside, 
not gaze longingly at 
from a distance. 
I’m flesh and blood, 
not a dream you once had.” 

~ Kat :)

27 January 2017

Be With

“Be with someone 
that requires us to grow, 
makes us forget our problems, 
holds our hand, 
likes to share, 
appreciates living, 
and adores us.” 

~ M. Zara :)

26 January 2017

Understand and Accept

"We're a conservative society, 
but everyone can have 
a place and equal standing. 
We try to understand 
and accept one another, 
with no personal agenda." 

~ Kang Ho Soon :)

25 January 2017


"Always pray to have 
eyes to see the best in people,
a heart that forgives the worst,
a mind that forgets the bad,
and a soul that never loses faith in God."

~ Author Unknown :)

24 January 2017



23 January 2017

Thank You!

“A sincere attitude of gratitude 
is a beatitude for secured altitudes. 
Appreciate what we have been given 
and we will be promoted higher.”  

~ Israelmore Ayivor :) 

22 January 2017

Love, Hope and Peace

"I've been open to friendship 
with anyone in any station or walk of life, 
from all religions. 
I engage in conversation with them. 
If we don't reach out to them, 
we end up neglecting them. 
We need to speak more words of 
love, hope and peace, 
instead of words of 
condemnation and judgement." 

~ Kang Ho Soon :)

21 January 2017



20 January 2017


“If I had to give you 
one piece of advice 
it would be this: 
don’t be intimidated 
by other peoples’ opinions.” 

~ Paulo Coelho :)

19 January 2017


“There are two ways of spreading light: 
to be the candle 
or the mirror that reflects it.”

~ Edith Wharton :)

18 January 2017


"We are only interested in what is real. 
Real people, 
real feelings, 
that’s it, 
that’s all we are interested in.” 

~ Russell Hammond :)

17 January 2017

We Are

“Give up defining ourselves 
- to ourselves or to others. 
We will come to life. 
And do not be concerned 
with how others define us. 
When they define us, 
they are limiting themselves, 
so it is their problem. 
Whenever we interact with people, 
do not be there primarily 
as a function or a role, 
but as the field of conscious presence. 
We can only lose something that we have, 
but we cannot lose something that we are.” 

~ Eckhart Tolle :)

16 January 2017


"I have come to realise that 
the only people I need in my life 
are the ones who need me in theirs, 
even when I have nothing else 
to offer them but myself." 

~ Author Unknown :)

15 January 2017

Trust Me

I know 
what I bring 
to the table, 
so trust me, 
I am not scared 
to eat alone... :)

14 January 2017


"Not everyone will appreciate 
what we do for them. 
We have to figure out 
who is worth our kindness 
and who is just taking advantage." 

~ Author Unknown :)

13 January 2017


“Don’t think about 
what can happen 
in a month. 
Don’t think about 
what can happen 
in a year. 
Just focus 
on the 24 hours 
in front of us
and do 
what we can 
to get closer 
to where 
we want to be.” 

~ Eric Thomas :)

12 January 2017


"Everyone has gone through something 
that has changed them in a way 
that they could never go back 
to the person they once were." 

~ Author Unknown :)

11 January 2017

Keep It

“All I want from your love 
is for you to 
keep it simple, 
keep it honest, 
and keep it coming.” 

~ William Chapman :)

10 January 2017

Love and Feel

“We have to love. 
We have to feel. 
It is the reason 
we are here on earth. 
We are here 
to risk our hearts.” 

~ Louise Erdrich :)

09 January 2017

Human Beings

“Human beings 
have a demonstrated talent 
for self-deception 
when their emotions are stirred.” 

~ Carl Sagan :)

08 January 2017


“Discipline is not a dirty word. 
Far from it. 
Discipline is the one thing 
that separates us 
from chaos and anarchy. 

Discipline implies timing. 

It is the precursor 
to good behavior, 
and it never comes 
from bad behavior. 

People who associate 
discipline with punishment 
are wrong: 
with discipline, 
punishment is unnecessary.” 

~ Buck Brannaman :)

07 January 2017


“We need to learn how 
to select our thoughts 
just the same way 
we select our clothes every day. 
This is a power we can cultivate. 
If we want to control things 
in our lives so bad, 
work on the mind. 
That’s the only thing 
we should be trying 
to control.” 

~ Elizabeth Gilbert :)

06 January 2017

You Wanted

“You wanted to write something worthwhile. 
You wanted to make sense of it all. 
You wanted to tell the truth. 
You wanted to understand why you felt like this." 

~ Lora Mathis :)

05 January 2017


“If it is right, 
it happens. 
The main thing 
is not to hurry. 
Nothing good 
gets away.” 

~ John Steinbeck :)

04 January 2017


It’s still a new year, 
with new beginnings now. 
I wanna be even stronger, 
learn more, 
and love better. 
To the new friends I made 
and old friends 
who have been always there, 
I’m thankful :)

03 January 2017


"I shall now quietly leave, 
and silently return... 
where Reality continues... 
and I shall continue to 
find Joy in
and bring Joy 
to everything I do." 

~ Jiang P.C. :)

02 January 2017

New Years

“I love new years. 
I love the fact that 
I’ll be leaving 
a whole year behind me, 
no matter if it was good, 
bad, or average. 
I like that kind of closure. 
I love this feeling of 
starting over again 
and having 
a fresh year ahead of me, 
filled with new chances, 
new experiences.” 

~ Lauren B. :)

01 January 2017


I wish all of you a very great 2017 with lots of meaningful moments and splendid surprises :)

Happy New Year!

In 2017,
I hope you
love a little bolder
laugh a little louder
stand a little taller
be a little braver
dream a little bigger
and make the world a little brighter! :)

"Enough Happiness To Keep You Happy

During the year may you have
Enough happiness to keep you sweet
Enough hope to keep you happy
Enough success to keep you eager
Enough friends to give you comfort
Enough wealth to meet your needs
Enough enthusiasm to make you look forward to tomorrow
Enough determination to make each day better than the day before"

~ Author Unknown :)

31 December 2016

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30 December 2016


“I think 
I fall in love a little bit 
with anyone who shows me their soul. 
This world is so guarded and fearful. 
I appreciate rawness so much.” 

~ Emery Allen :)

29 December 2016

Pretty Flowers