05 May 2016

My Circle

Once I’ve accepted you 
into my circle, 
if I can help, 
I will. 
When I help you, 
it’s because I care :)

04 May 2016


"Knowledge is knowing 
what to say.
Wisdom is knowing 
when to say it." 

~ Author Unknown :)

03 May 2016


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"Friends will come and go.  There will be one or two who will stick around forever but the majority of friendships fade in and out.  Sure you can say what really matters is the memories but if you think back, I’m sure you can find what you gained or learned from it.  And hopefully, how it impacted you and shaped you for the better." 

~ Audrey T. :)

02 May 2016


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Decent People

"If it’s differences 
in life priorities 
or even certain values 
or ethics that clash, 
those don’t really bother me 
cos I believe the people 
I’m friends with 
are generally decent people.  
And that they treasure me 
as a friend in return." 

~ Audrey T. :)

01 May 2016

Just Be There

The most we can do 
as friends 
is just be there 
when we are needed :)

30 April 2016

Written or Spoken

"Life doesn't need to be so intense.

Where is the sense of humour? 

People should just get along. 
Or leave each other alone. 

Whatever works. 

Stop hurting one another with our words. 
Written or spoken."

~ Sharon Au :)

Don't hurt people with our action...

Friendships and Myself

"Recently some stuff happened that caused me to have a good long think about friendships and myself.

I do feel that I am quite a different person throughout different points in my life. And my friendships and the people I am friends with reflect that.

So I was thinking about my friendships – present and past, friendships that stayed and those that didn’t – and realized that I’ve learned a lot about myself and about people."

~ Audrey T. :)

29 April 2016

Stay Away

“Stay away from people 
who make us feel 
like we are hard to love.” 

~ Author Unknown :)

28 April 2016

Two O'clock

“It’s about 
who you miss at 
two in the afternoon 
when you’re busy, 
not two in the morning 
when you’re lonely.” 

~ Author Unknown :)

27 April 2016

Trusting You

“No, it’s not that. It’s something more. It’s how suddenly they become a priority in your life. Suddenly you have this person standing right in front of you that means the whole world for you and you’re willing to walk through fire for that same person. You’re willing to make a change in your life because when they show you the real them, the raw part, the ones they don’t show others. You just can’t help but go a little crazy, and you’re lucky if it’s just crazy. So it’s not about the presence really, it’s about trusting you with the raw parts.” 

~ Author Unknown :)

26 April 2016


“Both men and women 
should feel free to be sensitive. 
Both men and women 
should feel free to be strong.” 

~ Emma Watson :)

25 April 2016

Three Things

“They say a person 
needs just three things 
to be truly happy in this world: 
someone to love, 
something to do, 
something to hope for.” 

~ Author Unknown :)

24 April 2016


“I used to walk 
into a room full of people 
and wonder if they liked me… 
now I look around 
and wonder if I like them.” 

~ Rikkie G. :)

23 April 2016

Know Yourself

“If you know yourself, 
you’ll not be harmed 
by what is said about you.” 

~ Arab Proverb :)

22 April 2016


Discovering better choices.
Have an open mind 
and grateful heart.
Listen to God's voice :)

* This post, and 99% of the noon posts, was written last year. Cheers! :)

21 April 2016


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There are times when the Lord invites me into silence—a time where he wants me to simply listen, meditate, and reflect. In those times of silence, I can feel Him editing my perspective to come back in alignment with the Truth. I know myself. If you have been around long enough, you have probably seen how my opinions have changed, and I’m just here to say thank you. Thank you for the grace you have towards me. Thank you for giving me room to grow. Thank you for being the voices of love and truth in my life. Thank you for using your voice for things that have eternal value. Thank you for being imitators of God in how you offer your own voice, and desire it to be used for the good of others. Thank you for being a part of this special community of believers on Blogger. The way you offer your own voices challenges me, changes me, and awakens me to the beauty of the Gospel. It is in the little ways you share your joy, your pain, your doubt, your fears, and your hope that I am reminded of how powerful and vital our voices are. Thank you for using your voice, and for listening to mine :)

20 April 2016


"I think the only reason 
people hold onto memories 
so tight is because 
memories are the only things 
that don't change 
when everybody else does"

~ Author Unknown :)

19 April 2016

Be Happy

"Eat better. 
Run more. 
Squat more. 
Sleep earlier. 
Wake up earlier. 
Make a good breakfast. 
Drink water. 
Eat fruits. 
Read books. 
Talk less. 
Listen more. 
Feel deeper. 
Love better. 
Open your eyes. 
Experience life. 
Be happy."

~ Author Unknown :)

18 April 2016

Make Ourselves Proud

"We have this one life. 
How do we wanna spend it? 
Be brave. 
Believe in ourselves. 
Do what feels good. 
Take risks. 
We have this one life. 
Make ourselves proud." 

~ Author Unknown :)