27 April 2015

Truly Great Man

"I believe 
the first test of a truly great man 
is in his humility." 

~ John Ruskin :)

26 April 2015


"The person is late again ah?"

"Nothing new lah."


"Humility is the solid foundation of all virtues." 

~ Confucius :)

25 April 2015


"You want me only when you need me."

"Sounds logical." :)

Thank You

"'Thank you' 
is the best prayer that anyone could say. 

I say that one a lot. 

Thank you expresses extreme gratitude, 
humility and understanding." 

~ Alice Walker :)

24 April 2015


"Audrey hv u noticed 
there is a **** in every male's life."

"Really ah? Aiya. Aiyo."

The Question

"The question had become: 
what can we forgive in others? 
How far do they have to go 
before we lose faith in them?" 

Hanif Kureishi :)

* This post, and 99% of the noon posts, was written more than a year ago. Cheers! :)

23 April 2015


"Opening soon."

"So dusty and noisy."

"Who will come hor?" :)

To Lead

"To lead, 
one needs to win the respect of people 
and be humble. 
And to be prepared 
to be unprepared sometimes, 
and to be vulnerable and to learn." 

~ Ang Bee Lian :)

22 April 2015


"They are insignificant."

"Their opinion does not matter at all."

"That is right." :)


"Godliness with contentment is great gain. 
We just need our daily bread 
and to learn the value of humility." 

~ Dr Tan Lai Yong :)

21 April 2015

In Moments Like These


I can text my kid once again 
after a silence of 23 days :)

I visited Tulipmania for the very first time :)

It rained so heavily for a long time
after 3 weeks of very hot and humid weather :)


"Just avoid and ignore them lah."

"Ok." :)

Pastor's Wife

She had asked me to help her with the floral arrangement for a few church weddings and some weekend services. Each time she would inform me one day earlier. Each time she would call again on the day itself to remind me about the appointed time, but every time, she was late by half-an-hour, without any apology nor explanation, even though she stays nearby.

Since I prefer to volunteer on a regular basis instead of last-minute ad hoc arrangement, as it disrupts my daily routine, I asked her about the floral team in church. She said that she had enough members in it. Okay.

One day, the Senior Pastor announced that the floral team required new regular helpers for the year. I approached her immediately again. However, she said that they have enough volunteers. Fine.

A few weeks later, she called me. I told her off assertively "You remember me only when you need my free help. I won't assist you anymore. Good bye!"

Some tips for her freelance floral business: Always, always make the bridal bouquet according to the wish of the bride. Always, always stick to the chosen colour theme selected by the bridal couple.

Why did she change the pattern of the bridal bouquet for some brides without their permission? Why did she change the colour theme of the floral decoration in church for some of the bridal couples without their consent? It was their big day and not hers. They had paid for the flowers and her service.

No wonder, the Senior Pastor had mentioned during a dedication service that the particular floral team is a place for different personalities to learn to work together :)

* This post, and 99% of the noon posts, was written more than a year ago. Cheers! :)

20 April 2015


 heart emoticon Chocolates. Tiah tiah heart emoticon

Pastor's Daughter

"Aunty! Aunty! Aunty! :)"

A young lady ran out of her way to call me with a cheerful voice upon seeing me from afar in the shopping mall. I didn't recognise her at first. Then she told me she is my child's former schoolmate. She is such a sweet, young lady with impeccable manners :)

A few weeks later, I bumped into a former classmate of my child along a narrow path in the neighbourhood. She knows who I am. She saw me. She looked at me from head to toe. Then she looked away without even a faint smile on her lips as we walked along the narrow path. This reflects on her own upbringing by her father who is a pastor as well as her mother who freelances as a florist and whom I had helped a few times before.

* This post, and 99% of the noon posts, was written more than a year ago. Cheers! :)

19 April 2015


"There is a big news for you.
They are not selling your favourite pastry anymore."

"I thought it was a big, good news." :)


"What we leave behind 
is not what is engraved in stone monuments,
but what is woven into the lives of others." 

~ Pericles :)

18 April 2015


"She helped me a lot by saying no.
Then I went all the way up."



Be aware that the other person 
may not see a situation the way we see it. 
He sees the world differently from us 
and believes that what he says, 
how he behaves 
and his expectations 
are all acceptable. 
Empathise with his viewpoint 
and offer solutions 
that ensure a win-win outcome :)

17 April 2015


"Ken Ken Ken?! Can Can Can!"
"Funny hor?"

Simple Things

It is all about the simple things, 
like using the person's name, 
being warm and friendly, 
listening and showing 
that we are listening :)

In Moments Like These

Last evening, 
I emailed a top blogger from Malaysia,
requesting for some information.

She replied me within 15 minutes.

It was during the usual busy dinner time.
She has a very young baby and toddler to look after.

I'm very impressed and grateful.

I'm so touched and happy.

Thank you very much, Audrey Ooi :)

16 April 2015


"Ah that's the word."
"Not bad hor my Engrish?" :)

Stay Out

It is important 
not to get hooked 
by the other person's 
difficult behaviour. 
Stay out of it emotionally 
and do not rise to the bait :)

15 April 2015


"Actually, hor..."

"I also say so lor." :D

Human and Business Level

When we communicate with another person, 
it is important to remember that 
human beings are almost totally driven by their emotions. 
It therefore makes sense to communicate 
on both a human and business level 
when dealing with another person :)

14 April 2015


"Audrey there is another set of three weird sisters."
"Oh really? Why ah? Too many sets alr."


If we are faced with someone 
who is emotionally charged up, 
we have to manage these emotions first 
before we can deal with the problem.

Deal with his feelings 
and then deal with his problems. 
We interact on a human level 
to deal with the feelings, 
and a business level 
to deal with the problem.

Human level responses include: 
being warm and friendly, 
focusing on the other person, 
listening actively, 
using the person's name appropriately 
and being flexible :)

13 April 2015


 heart emoticon Mandarin oranges and cookies. Tiah tiah  heart emoticon 

Assertive Communication

Assertive communication 
is more positive. 
It will produce better results 
when managing a difficult person. 

It can be learnt :)

12 April 2015


"Hahaha! (a Mandarin word/phrase)"

"What is the meaning?"


"Oh! HaHaHaHaHa!"

"So funny!" :D

Assertive Behaviour

Assertive behaviour will help us 
communicate clearly and confidently 
our needs, wants and feelings 
to other people 
without abusing in any way 
their human rights :)

11 April 2015


  heart emoticon To love and be loved  heart emoticon

Kind Soul

"I want a steady hand. 
A kind soul. 
I want to fall asleep, 
and wake, 
knowing my heart is safe. 
I want to love, 
and be loved.” 

~ Shana Abe :)

10 April 2015

A Little Story

Both blogs are listed on page one 
on Google search for a certain topic again.
Not bad :)


"Whole phone call in Mandarin! Impressive!"

"Not bad hor?" :)


We are not going to change the person 
until we change ourselves. 
It is not about changing our personality; 
it is about making adjustments to our behaviour, 
which will make our lives much easier :)

* This post, and 99% of the noon posts, was written more than a year ago. Cheers! :)

09 April 2015

A Little Story

"Wow! Giotto again! Yummy. From who?"


"Orh!" :)

We tend to reserve the best, precious snacks until 
we overlooked the expiry date.
We must remember to enjoy this Giotto :)

 heart emoticon Tiah tiah heart emoticon


"No point false and fake happiness in a forced setting."

"Can't agree more." :)


It is about finding our level of contentment 
in an increasingly cosmopolitan and costlier country, 
and recognising that we can be contented 
without being complacent or lazy :)

08 April 2015


 heart emoticon Cupcakes. Tiah tiah heart emoticon


It all helps us to look at life 
with kinder
and sharper
eyes :)

07 April 2015


"SGS 3232."

"You're so freaky. 
The post is more than a year ago."

"Quite easy to remember what.
But what's the last alphabet?" 

"You're so freaky."

"Orh. U."

Keep Going

"So hang on 
and grow big 
and strong 
and take our hits 
and keep going." 

~ Iggy Pop :)

06 April 2015


"She has a boyfriend now.
So, maybe plus one next time."



Who are we
when no one is watching? :)

05 April 2015


"Why are you so nice?"

"Because you are so nice." :)


As a city grows in prominence 
regionally and internationally, 
the law of supply and demand 
will result in soaring prices 
as demand rises 
and incomes go up :)

04 April 2015


"Some are too responsible;
others are just complacent."

"That's right."

Global City

Rising costs are part and parcel of 
positioning ourselves as a global city, 
which also results in better job opportunities 
as more large corporations expand here :)

03 April 2015


"I'm so happy to meet you today."

"Me too!"


Few can really know the hue and heft 
of a person's inner heart, 
but his or her letters often hold clues 
to its shades and shape :)

02 April 2015

In Moments Like These

"Please phone."

The little voice had been telling me for the past few days.

Finally, I called this morning.

I'm glad I did :)


"You're cold. I'm warm, warm."

"You're hot, hot lah." :D


"When people hurt us over and over,
think of them like sandpaper.

They may scratch and hurt us a bit
but in the end
we end up polished
and they end up useless." 

~ Author Unknown :)

01 April 2015

A Little Story

"Who do you dislike more?
This person or that person."

I was asked this thought-provoking question yesterday...


"Happy Wednesday to you!
Happy April Fools' Day to myself!"

"HaHa! Happy happy Audrey!
Beware of the jokes today."


"We still do not sufficiently appreciate 
the impact that what we do 
or say can have on others, 
especially via social media. 
The consequences are often unintended, 
but by then it is too late. 

The old adage 
'the pen is mightier than the sword' 
still holds true in the Internet age, 
even though the keyboard has replaced the pen. 

A sword cuts deep, 
but words can cut deeper. 
We need to have a care 
in what we say about others." 

~ Indranee Rajah :)

31 March 2015

In Moments Like These

Today officially marks the 10th year of this blog.

I really have never thought that 
I could keep this blog for one whole decade. 

This one decade consists of 
tiny fragments of small happiness 
as well as bliss here and there. 
When we put them all together, 
we have a big bundle of sincere joy.

Blogging has changed so much. 

My writing style has changed too. 

My blogging buddies 
remain the same through the years; 
encouraging each other 
on to greater heights 
and depths of blogging. 
We have moved on to Facebook now.

Today is extra meaningful because today, 
I have blogged for a full ten years. 

The person who is responsible 
for the destiny of this blog 
is having pure and simple happiness in her life now. 

My child created this blog for me a decade ago. 

I took up her challenge 
and I'm still blogging today :) 


"I'll remain here as long as you're here."

"I'm so touched."


"Some people are so well-groomed on the outside
but the heart is not groomed at all."

~ inzs :)

30 March 2015


"Come back so early today?"

"Can't wait to see you."

"Ya, you're right." :)


A flower does not think of competing 
with the flower next to it. 

It just blooms :)

29 March 2015


"Too tired from shopping ah?"

"Very funny hor?"


"Be a hand that reaches out.

Be a smile for those 
who have no reason to smile.

Be a light for those 
who live in darkness.

Show them what it means 
to truly love." 

~ Author Unknown :)

28 March 2015


"Love you!"

"Love you as well, my dear old friend!" :)


"Blogging is my antidote to rage. 
I can't resolve my grievances 
until I write it down 
and publish it somehow." 

~ Wendy Cheng :)

27 March 2015


"Hee!!! :))) Why didn't tell me earlier?"

"HaHa! The surprise is so much sweeter now."

True Friends

“True friends are hard to find. 
In a lifetime we only get a few. 
And when we find them, 
we always know them 
by sight and heart alone, 
we always grow 
a little bit taller in our soul
and we know 
we have been blessed 
just to know them.” 

~ Ashley Rice :)

26 March 2015


"Why so late today?"

"Forgot to come earlier lah."

"HaHa! Very funny hor?" 


"We can talk with someone for years, 
and still, 
it won’t mean as much as what we can have 
when we sit in front of someone, 
not saying a word, 
yet we feel that person with our heart, 
we feel like we have known the person for forever…. 
connections are made with the heart, 
not the tongue." 

~ C.Joybell C. :)