26 May 2013

SingTel MIO TV

These are the most recent records in my log book for prank calls received by us:

15 May 2013 - 6564110053 4:06pm
20 May 2013 - 6564110053 4:37pm
25 May 2013 - 6564110053 6:59pm

I had told the caller that we are not interested in any MIO TV plans. Yet, she will call again in five days' time.  It is the same caller each time. I recognise her foreign accent.

Is it right for SingTel to release our fixed line number and name to strangers?


Blogger Jim said...

I think you agreed to that when you got your telephone. Reading the fine print won't help because you couldn't get the phone without signing that agreement.

Next time try reading and crossing out what you don't like and see if they will give you a phone? No. This is just another answer of big businesses ruling the world.

29 May, 2013 13:20  

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