29 June 2013

Professional Dress

In general, the business dress for men that works best in most corporate environments is a conservative dark or charcoal-grey suit, a white or blue long-sleeve, button-down shirt and a necktie with minimal or no patterns.

Women's business attire consists of a pantsuit or a suit with a skirt, paired with a closed-toe high heels.


Blogger Jim said...

That's pretty much standard for the U.K. But in the U.S. we have gone more casual. Then Friday's are casual all the way. I think NASA and the Silcon Valleys helped erode those old classic dress standards rather quickly.

When I first started teaching college for sure a tie was necessary but before I retired even golf shirts were acceptable. I do not own a suit but do have a pin striped jacket and matching pants, both made by sporting goods manufacturers.

30 June, 2013 09:32  

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