24 March 2016

To Learn and Love

“When we hear something 
we either don’t understand 
or agree with 
we feel a judgmental attitude sprouting, 
dig it up. 
Don’t let it take root 
because it will grow weeds 
that kill our opportunity 
to learn and love 
the people around us, 
it will grow vines 
that suffocate any chance of compassion 
growing for one another, 
and eventually, 
if we let it take root and grow, 
it will construct a barricade 
that closes us 
into the lonely solidarity 
of self-righteousness.” 

~ Author Unknown :)


Blogger lee woo said...

The more you cling to what was, the more you suffocate the life out of this moment. See the link below for more info.


20 April, 2016 15:59  

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