15 June 2016


“If we had to sum 
the whole of the relationship-driven methodology 
up in one word, 
it’s this: 
listen. Listen, listen, listen. 
It isn’t a model at all, not really. 
It’s just one action. 
And upon that one action, 
the whole methodology is based. 
To have a strong relationship with anyone, 
we must listen. 
Listen to the children when they talk to us. 
Stay right there in the moment and pay attention. 
Hear what they are saying as opposed 
to what we think or want them to be saying, 
or as opposed to thinking about all the undone work 
or what we are supposed to pick up 
at the grocery store on the way home. 
The moment we manage to communicate 
in whatever manner we find best, 
be it our attitude, our posture, 
our words, our eye contact, 
or that we are fully present 
and genuinely listening to them, 
they will begin to trust us.” 

~ Marlowe :) 


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