29 September 2016

Beauty Resides In The Journey

"There’s an ebb and flow to life that’s out of our control. We can try to hold onto Summer with all our might and delay the onset of the cold… but we cannot hold back the frost we cannot hinder Summer from the continuation of its journey. Time passes with no man’s help or hindrance. 

Many of us spend time counting down the days until such and such happens, or until this season passes… we dream of what could happen, good or bad… We obsess over what is ‘not yet’ and by doing so, we miss the beauty of the ‘now’. 

Beauty resides in the journey and its the journey that makes the destination beautiful. Keep on moving. Learn and grow. Take time to appreciate the moment. Allow the moments of awe and wonder to fill you with grace and humility, strengthening you for the seasons ahead.”

~ Author Unknown :)


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