06 November 2016

Really Connect

"We live in a society that is fast-paced 
and often times 
we do not take the time 
to really connect with others 
during the holidays 
as there are so many things to do. 
Those that are hurting 
do not always ask for help. 
I can maybe make 
someone feel better today 
(or whenever they read this post) 
because they are not 
the only one struggling 
to be happy at a time 
when we are supposed 
to be filled with joy, 
thanksgiving, etc. 
Often we are hurting, 
we feel alone 
or that no one will understand. 
There are so many people 
that have some sort of similar story. 
We are never as alone as we often feel. 
It is also a reminder for myself 
that I can and will get through 
what I am going through 
because I have amazing friends 
(thank you all) 
and because I am going to slow down 
and find joy every day 
and not allow the past 
or present dramas 
fill my mind or day." 

~ Ms J. :)


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