13 March 2017

Who Is She?

She had asked me to help her with the floral arrangement for a few church weddings and some weekend services. Each time she would inform me one day earlier. Each time she would call again on the day itself to remind me about the appointed time, but every time, she was late by half-an-hour, without any apology nor explanation, even though she stays nearby.

Since I prefer to volunteer on a regular basis instead of last-minute ad hoc arrangement, as it disrupts my daily routine, I asked her about the floral team in church. She said that she had enough members in it. Okay.

One day, the Senior Pastor announced that the floral team required new regular helpers for the year. I approached her immediately again. However, she said that they have enough volunteers. Fine.

A few weeks later, she called me. I told her off assertively "You remember me only when you need my free help. I won't assist you anymore. Good bye!"

Some tips for her freelance floral business: Always, always make the bridal bouquet according to the wish of the bride. Always, always stick to the chosen colour theme selected by the bridal couple.

Why did she change the pattern of the bridal bouquet for some brides without their permission? Why did she change the colour theme of the floral decoration in church for some of the bridal couples without their consent? It was their big day and not hers. They had paid for the flowers and her service.

No wonder, the Senior Pastor had mentioned during a dedication service that the particular floral team is a place for different personalities to learn to work together :)


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